Althea Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser | Review

Althea comes up with the most interesting products, I swear. I’m here to talk about one of their newest in their skincare line. I haven’t had anything like it and I’m just amazed at its concept. It has in its name the words, serum and cleanser.

Curious yet?


Combine the powers of a cleanser and serum with Althea’s Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser! This beauty superhero whisks away makeup, dirt, and oil with mint extracts while ensuring the skin stays cool and hydrated throughout thanks to a dual moisture cell system that envelopes the skin in a serum-like formula. It prevents the skin from drying out and effectively minimizes enlarged pores, keeping it smooth to the touch. This product also helps to balance the pH levels of the skin to keep it working in tip-top shape! Best of all, it’s gentle on the face and suitable even for those of us with sensitive skins.

The Pore Purifying Serum Cleanser is in a clear plastic bottle with ml of fluid. It smells exactly like the Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxers which I absolutely love. It’s a clear fluid with a slight blue tinge to it but it’s not visible on my photo below. It has a watery consistency but it also has some kind of slippery component to it.

The first time I used it, I was confused as to how I should proceed with the cleanser. Mind you, I was preparing to go to bed and my face was full of makeup. I was used to cleansing oils and balms to effectively melt my makeup off that I was questioning the efficacy of a serum-like fluid as a cleanser.

Putting it to the test, I dampened my face and poured about 5 drops of the cleanser on my palms. Then I massaged it on my face for 5 seconds before I rinsed it off. It took my makeup off sure but not all of it. I had to repeat the process again before I can be assured no trace of it was left on my skin. At the present, I massage it longer, for 10 seconds, to remove off makeup but only 5 seconds when I’m not wearing any — I believe it’s more effective that way.

By the way, it doesn’t emulsify as a cleansing oil/balm does. That’s another reason why I felt so confused with this product. Also, I never use it on the area around my eyes because it stings. Despite those, I haven’t had any negative reactions to it. My skin just feels so soft and smooth after I rinse it off.

This cleanser retails for Php 430 at Althea. I’d suggest this product to anyone who’s looking for an alternative to cleansing oils but most important of all, this is suitable to all skin types.

Would you try this serum cleanser hybrid?

[*Althea has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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