Althea x Titi Kamal Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist | Review

One of the items I last received from Althea last year was a body mist from a collaboration with an Indonesian actress, Titi Kamal. Now I’m not familiar with her but I do like how she came up with this body mist. I don’t usually apply just any perfume or fragrance unless it has a scent I enjoy wearing. My nose dictates which scents I should wear — more on that later. Anyway, let’s proceed to that body mist.


Envelope yourself in a feminine mix of fruity and floral scents with Althea’s latest collaboration with Titi Kamal! The Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist is a sparkling mix of sweet orange and peach, followed by an ever-graceful echo of rosy floral notes. Not overbearingly strong, this gentle perfume lingers on the body for a long-lasting scent. It also has a non-sticky formula that feels comfortable on the skin, and it embodies the elegance and beauty of Titi in a bottle, perfect for the urban femme.

Titi Kamal is an Indonesian actress and singer with a knack for fashion and style. Best identified by her luxuriously long black hair, she’s a beauty icon that’s captured the hearts of fans all across Southeast Asia.

The Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist comes in a simple plastic spray-bottle with 100 ml of product. The spray mechanism could be honestly better, but it works okay if you’re going to ask. It’s just my preference really — I like fine mists more than the usual type that would spray large drops on my skin.

It doesn’t have the most long-lasting scent but what I do appreciate about it is the soft floral tones in it. I’ve mentioned several times now in my previous posts that my nose is sensitive to strong and very fragrant smells. Anything — skincare, makeup or perfumes, that are overly sweet or floral makes me a bit sick. Not this body mist though. It starts out with a soft rose scent and later the sweet smell of combined peaches and oranges come through. The overall combination is perfect refreshing scent for everyday. The only downside it has is that it only lasts on me for half a day but other than that, I have no more complaints.

Nowadays, I carry this with me in my bag because I like to reapply it in the middle of the day. One bottle of this body mist retails for Php 450 and for its price, I think it’s worth getting one especially if you like soft rose-scented fragrances.

What perfumes do you fancy? Floral or fruity? Maybe a combination of both or none at all? Maybe powdery, oriental or musky? Let me know down below!

[* Althea has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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