Human Heart Nature Pollution Defense Skincare Line | Review

I’ve thought long and hard on how I should review these 3 products from Human Heart Nature. I’ve used them all together and apart from each other for several weeks each and I’m finally ready to share with you my opinions about them. I actually received them last year along with a little potted peace lily plant.


Defend your skin from the air pollution of the holiday rush with our 3-step routine to pollution-resilient skin.

Step 1: Wash your face and neck with Pollution Defense Face Cleanser
Step 2: Spread Pollution Defense Face Mask on skin. Once it feels stiff, wash it off with warm water.
Step 3: Pat dry and tone. Massage a pump of Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion onto skin

The Pollution Defense Line of skincare from local brand Human Heart Nature includes 3 products: a cleanser, clay mask, and an emulsion. In terms of packaging, the brand has totally impressed me. All three come in similar white tubes and plastic bottles with blue labeling.

The Pollution Defense Face Cleanser has a thin, grayish, gel-like texture. It has the thinnest consistency among the three products. It doesn’t lather as much as you would expect an ordinary cleanser to but it does manage to leave my skin soft and clean after. There wasn’t any tight or drying feeling after rinsing either so I’m guessing the pH of this cleanser may be near our skin’s. This retails for Php 245.

The Pollution Defense Face Mask is a creamy gray clay mask. What you get is 100g of product in its squeeze tube packaging. It claims to tighten skin and refine pores, remove excess oil, deeply clean and remove impurities. Instructions indicate to apply it evenly on the face and neck after cleansing, letting it dry up for 15 minutes before rinsing it off with warm water. Except I don’t wait for 15 minutes to wash it off. The one time I did, I experienced stinging and redness all over my face. Then the following morning, I discovered my skin had developed a lot of bumps. When I use this now, I let it get to a point where it dries up, never more than 10 minutes, and I wash it off immediately. My skin definitely feel so smooth after. Although I do find it causes my face to become a little tight so I only use this twice a month. It retails for Php 450.

Lastly, the Pollution Defense Hydrating Emulsion has a creamy, white texture that’s a bit thicker than their cleanser. It’s very oily skin-friendly though as it is easily absorbed by the skin without any tackiness or stickiness. It’s quite hydrating too and it leaves my face looking a little dewy. If you’re someone with a drier skin type, you may need to add a more creamy moisturizer after this emulsion. This retails for Php 350.

My main issue with these is their rather strong scents. Each product is a little different from one another in terms of smell but they all carry the scent of clay combined with powder. Now individually, the smell of clay or powder doesn’t bother me at all. In fact, I prefer skincare to have powdery scents, if scents can’t be avoided at all rather than something fruity or floral.  The item I can tolerate the most is the emulsion because it has a more powdery smell to it. And as expected the clay mask has the strongest smell because, well it’s clay.

I think all in all, this whole skincare line is geared towards an oily/combination skin type. If you’re either one of those, then may I suggest you try the clay mask or the hydrating emulsion first if you’re interested in the line because honestly, if it weren’t for the scents, I would give them my approval. These really do as they claim and the fact that getting all three as a bundle will only cost you Php 945 is something to consider as well.

I’ll be posting more items from the brand soon you guys so watch out for those. Have you tried anything from Human Heart Nature? What products would you like to try from them?

[* Human Heart Nature has kindly provided these products. All opinions are my own.]


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