WithMe Signal Velvet Lip Master in Brick Signal | Review

I thought I was going to welcome the new year with a bang but as it turns out, it welcomed me with a flu — I found myself sick on the 3rd day of 2019. Although I still don’t have much of an appetite and feel weak, I’m getting better everyday. So for today, I’ll be sharing with you my review of one of the shades of WithMe’s Signal Velvet Lip Master.

A matte-type liptint that keeps a soft velvety mousse texture lighter and lighter on your lips for a long time.

The Signal Velvet Lip Master actually has two collections I believe. All I know is that Brick Signal comes from the Mood collection for the fall/winter season of 2018. The little nude tube contains 4.5 g of product and it has a transparent section on the tube that can allow you to visualize the shade inside. Brick Signal is described as a brick-brown color with a drop of wine color, coming from Charis’s product description.

It has a special, curved, doe-foot applicator made for near-perfect application. Because of the curved end, I have the exact amount of control and precision I can ever achieve in a lip applicator. It barely allows me to make any mistakes especially when I line my lips with it.

The lip tint itself feels light on the lips but a little bit drying. Make sure you have prepped your lips right because it may emphasize dry patches. At first application, it may have a slight tacky feeling but once it completely dries down, take a few seconds or so, it’s fully matte. But it doesn’t stay for long — around 4-5 hours if I’m being honest. It won’t last as long if you’re eating or drinking too.

Even if the wear time is quite short and even if the formula can be dry on me, I still like using it everyday. This is the type of color I I’m drawn to nowadays. I prefer to wear it actually in an ombre/gradient effect because I’ve learned that it makes me look less sick — I’ve got very pale lips, and it makes my lips fuller but more natural.

I’m glad I was able to try this product out thru Charis and WithMe. You can get this same shade and others here in My Charis Store. Just click on the link!

FYI, here’s the ingredients list.

Who else has tried this liptint? What do you guys think of it?

[* Charis & WithMe has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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