Biore Cleansing Oil | Review

Happy holidays you guys! How are you doing? How did you spend the holidays? Was it with your family or someone special? As for me, I was with family and all I can say about our celebration is it mostly involved food. Carbs are so good during the holidays, LOL! Anyway, today I’ll be reviewing a product from Biore, one that I’ve had for a while now.


Biore Cleansing Oil effectively dissolves and removes stubborn makeup, including waterproof mascara, while lifting away dirt and impurities. Unlike other cleansing oils, it leaves no greasy film on your face and maintains the skin’s natural moisture balance. It does not emulsify upon contact with water, thus maintaining its optimal cleansing performance at all times. Just apply with dry or wet hands and rinse off with water for that clean and fresh feeling!

The Biore Cleansing Oil comes in a purple plastic, see-through bottle containing 150 ml of cleansing oil. It has this cap-like sleeve on the nozzle as a form of locking mechanism which I really appreciate because it secures the bottle against the possibility of any accidents or product wastage. It has a sweet apple scent to it — didn’t expect it but I would rather it be an apple rather than a strong floral smell. It’s clear and it’s consistency is quite thin for something that’s an oil.

I use about 2 to 3 pumps of the cleansing oil, depending on how much makeup I have on my face. The heavier the makeup, the more pumps. It spreads easily on the skin and melts away the makeup as soon it is massaged. It emulsifies immediately too on contact with water. It doesn’t leave my skin dry or tight after I’ve rinsed it off but instead, my face is left feeling soft and smooth.

 The only thing I cannot tell you is how it works on waterproof makeup. I did not test it out, not even on my arm and I apologize for my lapse in forethought. I seldom use a cleansing oil to remove my eye makeup now and only if I need to, like if I wear heavy makeup. Most of the time I rely on a micellar water to remove any eye makeup I am wearing for the day. But even if I don’t use it on my eye makeup, the emulsification always gets in my eyes and it has never stung them.

One bottle only costs Php 320. In terms of overall quality and price, I really prefer this over the DHC Cleansing Oil or the Shiseido Perfect Cleansing Oil. So much so that I am giving it a TWO THUMBS UP. I know I will repurchase this for as long as it is available in the market because it is just that good.

Who else has tried this cleansing oil? Who else is loving it as much as I am?


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