Jeffree Star Cosmetics Blood Sugar Palette | Review

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette

Hello! I apologize for not posting this review up sooner but real life got in the way and as you may have noticed, I wasn’t posting as much these last few weeks. Aside from my trip to Taiwan, and preparing for the upcoming holidays, there were also some health issues that took my attention. Nothing too worrisome and not about me but my sister. Anyway, I promised a review of the Blood Sugar Palette and here it is


Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette3

Introducing our iconic Blood Sugar palette! Featuring 18 striking eyeshadows and pressed-pigments.

This palette is serving three luxurious formulas: matte, metallic and foil. Luxurious red faux leather finish in a metal clasp palette. One of a kind. Extreme payoff.


Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette2

The Blood Sugar Palette has got to be the most luxurious and bad-ass palette I’ve got in  my collection what with it being encased in red faux leather and closed by two metallic clasps. Packaging alone blows my other palettes away in comparison. The mirror it comes with is big enough to fit almost my entire face. It has 18 shades in the palette in a mixture of matte, metallic and foil finishes and each weighs 1.5 g / 0.05 oz.

These eyeshadows are all soft and smooth. Some are more powdery than others and some were a bit patchy upon swatching like the deep reds and darker violets. They were, however, all very much pigmented and easy to blend. They wear so well on the eyelid with or without a primer — you guys know me, I have to wear these eyeshadows without a primer just to test how good they are. They wear longer and brighter with a primer of course but I’m really happy to report that they also did well without one — like 8-hours-without-creasing type of well.

The old me would have picked the first row as my absolute favorite given that they’re all in different shades of neutrals and browns. But considering I find myself more experimental with colors like pink, purples and peaches, I rather prefer the second row. I find myself dipping into O Positive a lot, which is a medium cool gray with some lilac undertones, and I have to admit it has become my favorite among all the shades. A reason for that is because I don’t have anything like it in any of my palettes so I see it as a nice change from my previous neutral picks. A second favorite is Sweetener, which may look like a simple gold in the pan but in real life, it actually exhibits a bit of duo-chrome behavior. It sometimes shifts into a peachy pink shade when hit by the light. I was not able to capture it on camera though.

Jeffree Star Blood Sugar Palette swatches row2

For complete swatches of the palette, you can visit my swatch post here.

At the moment, this palette is sold out at the Jeffree Star website. I had to wait for quite a while before I was able to get it. I also promised myself that this will be my reward for passing the diplomate examinations of the medical society of dermatologists (PDS) here in the Philippines. But the wait is so worth it, I swear. I give it my TWO THUMBS UP for its overall quality in eyeshadow and packaging.

Who else is loving this palette? Let me know down below!


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