Kicho Sweet Nature Lip Balm | Review

Kicho Sweet Nature Lip Balm2

One of the lip balms I currently have on rotation is this one from Kicho Cosmetics. I’ve been curious about this brand since I first saw it on Instagram. So imagine my surprise when I won one of the giveaways hosted by Anna (@thepinaymillenial) on IG and this was included.


Kicho Sweet Nature Lip Balm5

Formulated with natural ingredients: jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax, and essence oil, as well as sprout extracts.

Sweet-flavored lip balm keeps your lips comfortable all day.

Kicho Sweet Nature Lip Balm4

The Sweet Nature Lip Balm comes in a light, little plastic pot containing 0.194 oz/ 5.5 g of product. The small pot easily fits in the pockets of my jeans making it very handy to take with me wherever I go. Actually, it has been a mainstay in the tiny pocket of my bag.

Kicho Sweet Nature Lip Balm3

It has a minty scent to it that I love to take a whiff of every now and then because it has a relaxing effect on me. However, what took me by pleasant surprise is the fact that it doesn’t have the mint taste alone. It is there at the start– more of like a cool sensation on the lips, but it also has a sweet taste to it. Pardon me, I just enjoy sweet tasting lip products more. The slippery feel of this lip balm only lasts an hour or so even when I’m not eating or drinking but my lips unbelievably feel more hydrated far longer than that amount of time. I would say a maximum of 4 hours.

Here is the ingredients list for any of you curious enough.

Kicho Sweet Nature Lip Balm ingredients

I’m glad I got to try this little pot of lip balm. I like it for every day use although I’d rather it be in a tube instead. That said, I wish Kicho Cosmetics will come up with a lip balm in a twist-up tube someday. I’ll sure be excited for that. For more Kicho products, you can visit their IG account here.

What’s your favorite lip balm?


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