Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch | Review

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Patch2

Out of all the products from Heimish I was sent, the eye patches are what I was most excited about. I think it’s one of popular ones from the brand and everytime I see it in skincare blogs, all I ever read is how it’s so hydrating. Now, I have the chance to test it out myself. Read on to know my full review of it.


Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch1

Tired eyes? Try the multifunctional Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patches from Heimish. These soft eye patches not only brighten dark circles under eyes, but also help skin stay firm and bouncy. The star ingredient, Bulgarian rose water, is full of skin-benefiting vitamins and minerals, plus ultra-hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties. The unique highly elastic hydro-gel material allows essence to fully absorb into skin for maximum benefits. Can be used anywhere skin needs extra care such as forehead and cheeks.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch1b

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Patch

These Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Patches are contained in a round tub with a pink lid and is accompanied by a clear spoon-like spatula. There are 72 patches in total which are mostly clear with bits of glitter in them. They have a mild rose scent to them that I find tolerable. The shape of the patches don’t exactly fit under my eyes but they do hug the shape of my cheeks, the areas on either side of my mouth, very well.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Patch3

These eye patches are soaked in the thickest essence I have ever come across in an eye patch. But that thick essence does have an advantage of helping the eye patch adhere to the skin quite well. They don’t slip down the face as others do. On the downside though, it is constantly pilling especially around my mouth. Am I the only one who has experienced this? I keep reading how this is such an amazing product and no one has mentioned having ever experienced pilling. Thank the heavens it hasn’t happened on the undereye area but still, I’m worried that its supposed benefits may not be as effective if the essence cannot be properly absorbed.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch1c

I mostly use these on my undereye area but there are occasions when I would put a pair beside my mouth. The leftover essence on my fingers I gently pat on my forehead. I’ve never applied any on my neck because I think you would need quite a handful on that area.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Eye Patch on face

I apply these after my serums and leave these on for about 20 minutes on. After taking them off, the first thing I notice is how my undereye areas are more hydrated — another effect of the thick essence I guess. Also, I believe they have depuffed the area too. Although I haven’t noticed any immediate whitening or brightening, I think that would take a while. I mean, it will probably take daily consecutive use for months for that to happen. See my photo below for my ‘before and after’.

Heimish Bulgarian Rose Water Hydrogel Eye Patch before & after

You guys be the final judge of this product. I do like these eye patches for its hydrating and depuffing effect on my undereye areas, I only wish it wouldn’t pill because I really find that trait bothersome. That said, I would have loved to use these in the mornings too but so far the pilling condition has me worried so I only put these to use in my PM routine.

Who has used these patches from Heimish? Any similar pilling?

[* Sui Sui PH has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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