Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam | Review

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam2

This week, you’re going to be seeing a couple of Heimish products I was sent for review. This is not the first time with Heimish. If you’ve been following me before, you might have read my praises for the All Clean Balm. It’s become a favorite and close enough to be considered as my HG cleansing balm. Today, let’s follow that cleansing balm with a cleansing foam of theirs.


Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam2

New from Heimish, the All Clean White Clay Foam cleanser delivers a special deep cleansing with its featured ingredients kaolin (Amazon white clay), hyaluronic acid, coconut oil and citrus herb oils. Kaolin purifies skin by drawing out the dirt and oils trapped in pores, while coconut oil hydrates and conditions. Not only do the 10 different types of natural herb oils refresh and revitalize skin but they also remove toxins. Paraben-free and hypoallergenic, this foam cleanser is made for all skin types.

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam3

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam

I received the products not in tube form but in sachets. Each sachet of the All Clean White Clay Foam contains about 1.5 ml of the cleanser. It has a grayish white color to it and smells faintly of fragrant soap(?) and not entirely off-putting. I didn’t really notice it until I began thinking of why it smells so familiar. It did bother me a bit that it has that kind of smell. I usually stay away from anything that resembles scented soaps.

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam3

One sachet equals to one use for me. It lathers easily and has a nice feeling to it too, one that’s not too thick but creamy and milky instead. It does not give me that squeaky-clean feeling after I have rinsed it off but it leaves my skin feeling a little tight. Aside from that, it also makes my skin feel somewhat soft and smooth.

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam4

I wonder just what the pH level of this cleanser is. I have a hunch that it’s not within the acid mantle of our skin. Having a near basic pH has never been good because disrupting the acid mantle can make the skin vulnerable to infection (not just to bacteria), inflammation and poor healing. I haven’t had any reactions to this, by the way.

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam5

I suspect that the presence of kaolin/white clay, that’s a major component of this cleanser, might have something to do with the tight feeling of the skin. Kaolin clay is actually known for absorbing excess sebum from the skin and for deep cleaning the pores. Supposedly, it removes the debris trapped within the pores — if the debris remain inside the pores, it can lead to the formation of comedones.

Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam ingredients

In terms of cleansing, I like this product from Heimish but I don’t think this can be used everyday. I think maybe once or twice a week will suffice for oily and combination skin types. However, I’m not entirely sure for those with dry and sensitive skin.

Has anyone else tried this clay foam cleanser from Heimish? What’s your skin type and what are your thoughts about it?

[* Sui Sui PH has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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3 thoughts on “Heimish All Clean White Clay Foam | Review

  1. I’ve tried this before since I really did like the all clean balm plus I was running low on my CosRx low pH cleanser. But it’s way too drying as an everyday cleanser. 🙁 My skin feels squeeky clean but a little too tight. I used it for a week straight and my skin got so dry and sensitive.
    It would be good to use as a deep cleanse 1x a week maybe but I’ve personally given up on it.
    P. S. I have combo sensitive and acne prone skin.


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