EYENLIP Snail All In One Repair Cream | Review

Eyenlip Snail All In One Repair Cream

I hope you’re not yet tired of reading my posts about Eyenlip because I have another one today. I promise this is the last one or at the very least, the last item I was sent and I reserved this in the end because this was the one I liked the most. Out of the 5 Eyenlip products I received, I’m so grateful this was included because I would not have picked this out on my own. Now let’s get into the details of this product.


Eyenlip snailallinonerepaircream2

1. Snail mucus extract provides moisture and nutrition creating moist smooth skin.
2. Superior skin protection and moisturizing properties of mucin make skin elastic and vigorous.
3. Adenosine and snail mucus filtrate, a functional wrinkle-improving material, improves skin wrinkles and promotes elasticity and healthy skin.

How to use
1. After adjusting the texture of the skin, take an appropriate amount on the palm and spread it gently along the skin texture.
2. It focuses on the major aging points that are concerned with repetitive facial movements.
3. Give the content heat of the palm of your hand to gently wrap your face and help you absorb quickly.

Eyenlip snailallinonerepaircream3

The Snail All In One Repair Cream is in a maroon plastic jar containing 100 ml of white cream. The cream has a mucinous texture, meaning mucus-like, quite thick if you’re just going to feel it between your fingers and sticky too. The way it feels on the skin once it’s absorbed though, that’s another story — I’ll get to that later. I love its smell right from the start. It’s something sweet and floral but very faint and doesn’t linger on the skin. If it were a perfume, I’d snatch it up as soon as I can.

Eyenlip Snail All In One Repair Cream2

I thought I wouldn’t be able to use it in the morning because of its thick consistency. I was only using it in my PM routine as my night moisturizer during the first few days. But during those days, I noticed how it gets immediately absorbed by the skin and it has none of the sticky finish you’d think would be apparent from having a mucus-like consistency. Instead, it leaves a satin finish on the skin with no hint of stickiness or tackiness. My face just felt hydrated, soft, smooth and supple. So now I have also incorporated it in my morning routine and it works so well with my oily dehydrated skin.

Star ingredients of this cream include niacinamide and adenosine aside from the snail secretion. For the full ingredient list, refer to the photo below. As we all know, snail mucin can benefit all skin types and has anti-aging, anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. It contains glycolic acid, hyaluronic and chondroitin sulfate acid that can help soothe and heal the skin.

Eyenlip Snail All In One Repair Cream ingredients

Again, I’m very happy I was sent this product because if not for BeautyNetKorea, I wouldn’t be able to try this for myself. I can see myself repurchasing another tub of this cream in the future because I find it so good. And yes, I’m giving this my TWO THUMBS UP for leaving me so unbelievably impressed.

What snail products have you tried recently? Or have you not tried anything at all?

[* BeautyNetKorea has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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