EYENLIP Hydrogel Eye Patch in Black Pearl | Review

Eyenlip Hydrogel Eye Patch Black Pearl

I don’t use eye patches all that much because I have a feeling they can’t really provide any significant changes to the undereye area aside from immediate hydration. That and the first eye patch I bought wasn’t really all that good. I’m also a bit lazy to write a review of it here but maybe someday when I’ve finished all the other reviews I need to put up. Anyway, this post is about the eye patch from Eyenlip I was sent.



Black Pearl
1. The black pearl extracts cleanses the skin well being very effective on whitening;
it also removes dead skin and waste.
2. Black pearl with high amino acid mineral contents and gold ingredients helps to create
and manage more healthy beautiful skin.

How to use
1. After cleansing, lightly prepare your skin with toner.
2. Remove the patch using the built-in pliers.
3. Attach the patch to the desired area, such as the eye area or the palm line.
4. After about 20 to 40 minutes, remove the patch and lightly tap the remaining essence to absorb.

Eyenlip Hydrogel Eye Patch Black Pearl2

Eyenlip’s Hydrogel Eye Patch have 5 variants available in BeautyNetKorea. The eye patch I was sent is the Black Pearl variant. From the website, it says it contains 60 patches, each weighing 1.4g, totaling its use to about 30 days. It smells sweet to me, kind of like candies. Don’t judge me but I first thought of gummy candies when I took a sniff of them.

The patches itself are thin and easily torn. I’ve experienced this myself quite a few times when I was adjusting them beneath my eyes. The fit is not exact as I want them to be but at least they don’t irritate my skin or poke my eyelids. I always use the broader part of the patch on the inner area of my undereye while the apex points towards the outside — I’ve never applied them the opposite way. The essence of these patches, by the way, are not sticky at all or are too drippy that they cause the patches to slide down the face in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t mean though that these do not slide down — they do, just slowly. I still prefer to lie down when I apply these to prevent them from sliding any further.

Here are the ingredients listed on the side of the box.

Eyenlip Hydrogel Eye Patch Black Pearl ingredients

After leaving them on for about 20 minutes, my undereye areas both feel refreshed and hydrated.  The remaining essence I tap lightly with a finger not only where I had placed the patch but also over my eyelids and on the sides of my eyes. It absorbs pretty well enough and doesn’t leave any sticky finish. Other than being hydrating, I have not noticed any other effect these patches have on me, not even an immediate brightening. Who knows though, maybe there will be with longer use.

To end this review, I’d like to say I like these eye patches better than the other kind I was talking about earlier. If you’re looking for something that can hydrated and refresh the undereye area, then this is certainly an option for you.

Are you using eye patches regularly in your routine? What do you think about them in general?

[* BeautyNetKorea has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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