EYENLIP Pure White Tone-Up Cream | Review

Eyenlip Pure White Tone-Up Cream

On my Instagram stories, when I showed the Eyenlip package I received from –BeautyNetKorea, I mentioned how excited I was to use the Pure White Tone-Up Cream. Well to be completely honest, I have never used any tone-up products before but I have heard how wonderful they could be. Since this is my very first tone-up cream, I had high expectations. Read on to know what I think of it.


Eyenlip purewhitetoneupcream2

1. Toning effect of dulled skin giving skin vitality and clear look.
2. Pure white toning cream with whitening function that gives natural shine.
3. Whitening Pearl Capsules provide a bright and clear skin.
4. Rich in natural vitamins extracts and desert Ice plant rich in moisture and moisturizes the skin.
5. Contains niacinamide to inhibit melanin pigmentation and provide a lasting whitening effect.

How to use
1. Take an moderate amount of the Pure White Tone up Cream and apply it all over the face to absorb it.
2. If you do not apply carefully, the capsule may remain, so spread it evenly.

Eyenlip Pure White Tone-Up Cream2

The Pure White Tone-Up Cream comes in a clear glass jar with a pink cap containing 30g of product. The cream is not really a cream per se but instead, it is composed of numerous tiny pink capsules suspended in a semi-transparent jelly-like substance. It smells like a floral bouquet that lingers for a few minutes before disappearing completely. The scent wasn’t too strong for me and I find it tolerable.

Eyenlip Pure White Tone-Up Cream3

The toning up effect of this cream depends on the amount of pink capsules massaged on the skin because these are the ones that burst to produce a whitish tone. And it is because of this that I feel as if there is some inconsistency with regards to the primary effect and claim of the product. Some days I think it didn’t do anything to my skin at all and there are days when I can see how it made my skin brightened and less dull looking. I figured this our a few days later after I started using it because I was able to scoop more of the pink capsules. Also, if you don’t massage the product thoroughly on the skin, the white cream may not spread evenly.

Here are the ingredients.

Eyenlip Pure White Tone-Up Cream ingredients

Eyenlip purewhitetoneupcream ingredients

On the bright side — pun very much intended — it provided some moisture to my skin and never made me oily throughout the day. It layered well underneath my makeup and it never caused any pilling up either. It doesn’t have a sticky feeling to it, only a hint of tackiness with a satin finish that didn’t bring me any trouble at all.

Eyenlip Pure White Tone-Up Cream4

Eyenlip Pure White Tone-Up Cream5

I believe Eyenlip had a good concept when they thought of this cream but I just didn’t think it gave me the promised effect consistently everyday. I’m still going to use this though and find out if there will be long-term effects.

Any of you tried tone-up creams before?

[* BeautyNetKorea has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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