EYENLIP Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask | Review

Eyenlip Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask

Calamansi is a common citrus fruit here in the Philippines. Not a week would pass by that my family wouldn’t use it as a dipping sauce in our meals. Well Filipino cuisine aside, I do know that calamansi is now being incorporated by certain Korean brands as a brightening ingredient in skincare. However, I didn’t realize a calamansi face mask was also made until I was sent some Eyenlip products by BeautyNetKorea.



1. Vitamin C inhibits melanin pigmentation and restores damaged skin. It has efficacy such as stain, freckles, dullness and pigmentation improvement which can be caused by ultraviolet light.
2. Hesperidin enhances the activity of skin cells against harmful environment and inhibits melanin production, which is effective for skin care and whitening. It also has the effect of slowing down skin aging by inhibiting free radicals.
3. Cinefurin is effective against skin diseases and atopy because it has an inflammation-inhibiting effect.

Eyenlip Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask2

The Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask has a thin, yellow sheet mask soaked in a light citrus scent. It doesn’t contain a lot of essence therefore, no dripping everywhere but it has enough to soak the material and still leave some inside the pack to use elsewhere in the body. The sheet mask adheres well to the skin and hugs the contours of my face almost perfectly from forehead to chin but it comes up short along the angle of my jaw. Nevertheless, it’s one of those masks that has a good fit.


I used this mask first in the morning because I wanted to document if the promised brightening will take effect and what better way to do that than when natural light can filter in through my windows. I left it on for 15 minutes and when I peeled it off, I did notice my skin looking more radiant. The leftover essence was also easily absorbed and no stickiness or tackiness remained after.

Eyenlip Calamansi Vitamin Solution Mask before and after

In conclusion, I enjoyed using this mask and I will very much repurchase this again. The fact that there was no stickiness after my use of it in the morning  and the immediate brightening result after use are major factors for my decision. If ever you’re curious about this product, I suggest you try it out for yourself to see the effect.

Have you tried any skincare product with calamansi in it?

[* BeautyNetKorea has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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