Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50+/PA++++ | Review

Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50

I’ve never had a UV cushion before. Cushion foundations, yes but a sunscreen in a cushion compact? I’ve never entertained the idea before nor had I any kind of interest in getting one. I finally got curious when Style Korean had an event for Secret Muse and I was lucky enough to be sent their products, one of which is a sun cushion.


Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50 2

Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion. Big, Fresh, and New!
– Big: Check your face with bigger mirror on the cushion. Big puff is included and helps you to put the product at once. Big Size but gives you comfortable usage with oval shape.
– Milder: Mild ingredients for all family members to use.
– Stronger: Maximized UVA, UVB.
– Easier: Perfect skin-friendly cushion gives you hydration, relaxation, and protection. Easy to use in everywhere and every time.

A portable and convenient sun protector provides effective skin defense against damaging UV rays

Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50 3

The UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50+/PA++++ comes in an oval plastic compact weighing a whopping amount of 23g. The compact is the biggest I’ve ever encountered and it’s bigger than the palm of my hand. It has its own mirror that fits my face even up close and is accompanied by a teardrop-shaped puff applicator. The cushion inside displays green and white stripes but the sunscreen isn’t necessarily green. It doesn’t say in the box though how much of the actual sunscreen it contains.

Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50 4

It has a floral scent to it that sits somewhere between subtle and strong. I mean, I can work with it and the scent does fade eventually give or take a few minutes. I don’t mind it all too much but noses more sensitive than mine may find it a turn off. The only thing I was hesitant about is the applicator because of hygiene issues but that’s my preference. I don’t use puff applicators anymore with my cushions because I can’t wash them the way I would with any beauty tool — I’ve destroyed enough puff applicators to know this. Although I get the appeal of using a big puff like this because it makes application and reapplication very easy.

Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50 5

The sunscreen itself is non-sticky and leaves a satin finish on the skin. It’s not a cream product but it has a thicker feeling than most watery types (e.g. Biore, Canmake). As you can see from the photo below, the sunscreen doesn’t have any whitecast, at least on me. It blends seamlessly on the skin that it didn’t show any difference with the part of my hand that didn’t have the product on. I find it also hydrating and it makes my face look and feel more supple. It didn’t make me oily — thank the heavens! It also plays well under my makeup and it didn’t make any of my foundations, BB cream or concealer look cakey or messy.

Secret Muse UV Vita Sun Cushion SPF50 2 on skin

I think my good experience with this product all boils down to the formula of Secret Muse. Take away the big compact and the applicator, what they have is a sunscreen that can work in a humid environment and on someone with oily skin. I just love a good sunblock for my skin type and I’m happy I was able to try this out thru Style Korean.

Who else has tried a sun cushion? Any thoughts about them in general?

[* Style Korean has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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