Benton Tea Tree Mist | Review

Benton Tea Tree Mist2

This year has made me suddenly more interested in face mists. They are soothing and refreshing on the skin especially during a long, tiring and humid day. I never thought I would like them as much as I should but when I found out how dehydrated my skin was, I figured a good mist would come in handy. Now today’s post is all about Benton’s Tea Tree Mist.

Benton teatree_mist

Benton Tea Tree Mist contains a high amount of locally produced tea tree leaf water, which soothes skin that is dry and irritated due to external factors. Hyaluronic acid in the mist hydrates and keeps skin moist. Benton Tea Tree Mist is packaged in a sealed vacuum container which cannot be opened using only the hands. This reassures minimum contact with air and suppresses oxidation. Benton Tea Tree Mist does not contain any inflammable gas such as LPG so there is no worry of irritation on the skin and it can be carried daily anywhere, even in aircraft cabins. Unlike the previous mist, the mist applies more evenly, minimizing lumps in the nozzle. You can spray Benton Tea Tree Mist whenever your skin feels dry, but also as a skin toner conveniently, without the need to apply with the hands or cotton pads. Benton Tea Tree Mist has a larger container than before, allowing generous use on other parts of the body that need effective soothing such as the chests or back. Meet the newly upgraded Benton Tea Tree Mist!

Benton Tea Tree Mist3

I can tell you now, Benton definitely upgraded their Tea Trea Mist to a whole new level. I have their old mist; I can compare. First, judging from the size of the bottle alone, they are giving their customers more product now. The old version only has 40 ml and the new bottle contains twice the amount, 80 ml. Next, I find the newer bottle more sturdy, easier, and more convenient to carry inside my bag anywhere. I know the old packaging is slimmer but it’s also in a plastic tube and it carries a risk of getting squished inside my bag and that might lead to product spillage. Third, the spray mechanism is better on the new one as it delivers a finer mist. The old packaging sprays off more aggressively in my opinion, although both packaging has the same, sealed, hygienic vacuum container, maintaining minimum contact with air and suppressing oxidation.

Benton Tea Tree Mist old vs new

Old vs. new Tea Tree Mist

On the next photo, you can see the ingredients — mostly natural — of the mist. Main ingredients are tea tree leaf water which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and is used as treatment for various cutaneous infections. Aside from that, it can also soothe irritated skin and has deodorizing effects. Another is the presence of sodium hyaluronate which is a powerful humectant. It is smaller than hyaluronic acid so it can penetrate the skin more effectively and as a humectant, it attracts water and absorbs moisture, making it a great ingredient for hydration purposes.

Benton Tea Tree Mist ingredients

Now that the new packaging has a finer spray, the mist is distributed more evenly on the skin. I use it as a toner twice a day and as a mid-day mist anytime to refresh my tired and dehydrated skin. The results are immediate; my skin feels soothed and hydrated, and looks more supple. Sometimes, I would spray this on my back especially when the weather gets hotter and more humid.

As you can see on my photo below, on the left shows my first day of use of this mist and on the right, is after more than 2 weeks of using it. Both before and after photos were taken after I had sprayed the mist as a toner, and no essences and serums were applied when I took these. In truth, I didn’t really think there would be any difference but seeing the photos made me think otherwise. My skin definitely looks brighter, more hydrated and more dewy looking just looking at my photos, right?

Benton Tea Tree Mist before and after photos

Before and after (more than) 2 weeks

I am impressed with how this affected my skin. I will continue using it and will probably repurchase this because of its convenience and overall effects on me. Any hydrating product that can be sprayed on my skin is welcome to join my skincare stash, you know.

Do you have dehydrated, sensitive or irritated skin? This mist could be for you! Would you try this if you have a chance?

[* Benton Cosmetics has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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