The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Palette | Review

The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Palette3

Today’s review will be about the eyeshadow palette playing with since I bought it. It’s from The Face Shop x Coca-Cola collaboration. I didn’t think I’d get my hands on it because it released around the time I had my self-imposed mall ban (studying for my board exams requires extreme focus you guys). I was pleasantly surprised to find it was just made available to the public recently.


The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Palette2

A 9 color eyeshadow palette inspired from coca cola.

The optimal color composition of base colors for basic daily eye makeup, and unique colors such as, coke red, sparkle orange, and chili brown suitable for point makeup, allows diverse looks with just one palette.

The soft and silky, intense texture adheres perfectly to keep the colors long, without clumping or smudging.

And the high glossy texture, achieved by layering the glitters multiple times, provides even shimmer for your eyes.

The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Palette

First off, I love all the details of the packaging of the Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Palette Palette. From the coca-cola font to the red coke-can-like aluminum/plastic of the palette, everything is a clear nod to the theme of the collaboration. In fact, every item from the Coca-Cola collection looks amazing. I like how petite it is that I can easily slip it in my kit. Each pan in the palette weighs 0.6 g/ 0.02 oz having a total net weight of 5.4 g/ 0.19 oz for 9 eyeshadows. There’s a combination of mattes, satins, shimmers and a glittery frost (that was also the least pigmented).

I can’t really compare this palette with Western eyeshadows — that would be really unfair — because Koreans prefer a softer and more youthful look. My only issue at the beginning with the palette was how patchy and unimpressive the swatch of the orange red shade was. It’s a lovely color in itself but given how vibrant it looked in the pan, I felt it could have been more pigmented. Building up the swatch on my arm to make it look like below required a bit of time and a number of swipes. Although it did get better as I went thru the other shades because the rest of the eyeshadows were easier to work with and build up — again except for the glittery shade.

The shadows performed remarkably well despite not using it the first few times with a primer. There was little fallout, mostly from the shimmers. They stayed on the lids without creasing for a good 7 hours. Fading became apparent after the 8th hour mark.

The Face Shop x Coca-Cola Mono Pop Eyes Coke Red Palette swatches

Honestly, I like everything about this palette from the packaging to its handiness for travel and overall color combination but that orange red just didn’t sit right with me — or is it coke red? It should have been the star of the palette but I felt like it got robbed of its spotlight. Bear in my mind though that the last 5 shades, in my opinion, have the best quality among the 9 pans.

This is currently available in all The Face Shop stores nationwide for Php 1,495. Anyone else bought from this collection? What do you think of the other items?


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