[JOLSE] Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream 55ml |Review

Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream2

Two months ago, I was chosen by JOLSE to review the Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream. Deadline was supposed be last April 25 but because it’s me — I am very much used to unfortunate circumstances, I only got the package from Jolse on the deadline date itself. Bummer right? Anyway, onto the review. To be fair, I did give it at least a week before typing this down.


Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream3

  • Bee venom, honey, propolis, and royal jelly extract soothe the tired and rough skin and provides rich moisture and nutrition to the skin.
  • Cares the skin troubles like dryness and roughness caused by external stimulation, tending the skin smooth and elastic.
  • Hyaluronic acid and hydrolyzed collagen ingredient tend the skin moist and elastic.

Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream4


The Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream comes in a yellow plastic tub containing 55 ml of product. It didn’t come with a mini spatula which I’ve been getting used to seeing with majority of Korean creams. It’s not a problem though as I’ve used creams without any accompanying spatulas before.

Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream1

The cream has a citrus scent. I would have been averse to it had I learned about it beforehand but the smell is actually quite pleasant to my nose. It’s not too pungent or too strong that I get sick every time I inhale it. But it does linger for a long while on application before fading gradually so anyone who might be looking to try this should at least check if they can tolerate the scent.

Initially I thought this cream might not be a good choice for daytime use on my oily skin but I went ahead and used it anyway in the morning as soon as I got it. I am very happy to report that my oily skin takes to it very well. It looks like a cream but it behaves like a gel as it gets absorbed easily by the skin. It does leave a slight tacky finish once absorbed but eventually that disappears as well. It’s not sticky at all unlike some serums which sometimes are way worse. It definitely softens up my face immediately and I am quite liking it this summer.

Hope Girl Honey Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream

The only hesitation I felt at the beginning of using this was the presence of dimethicone in its ingredients list. After a week of using it, I’ve never broken out from it which is usually the case with dimethicone-containing products. As you can see below, it might be one of its minor ingredients, hence, the lack of new bumps on my face. Thank the heavens.

Hope_Girl_Honey_Bee_Venom_Multi_Solution_Cream ingredients

I will continue using this and update you guys if I notice anything else about it or if there are any other changes that will be visible on my skin. Also, if there will be any adverse reaction in the future (hopefully none though). I will also tell you guys later on what my final stand will be with this product. As of this moment, it retails for $14.23 at Jolse.

Any questions or thoughts about this cream guys?

[* JOLSE has kindly provided the product for review. All opinions are my own.]


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