NARS Rêve Salé Highlighting Cheek Palette | Review

NARS Reve Sale Higlighting Cheek Palette

I regret not getting the Banc de Sable Highlighter Palette from NARS last year. I promised myself when I saw the sneak preview of their new highlighter palettes that I’d get at least one. I know I’m way too late for this post but I just have to give my two cents’ worth of appreciation for the beauty that is the Rêve Salé Highlighting Cheek Palette. 


NARS Reve Sale Higlighting Cheek Palette3

A limited-edition cheek palette that lets you glow all out with illuminating, sun-kissed shades.

These opalescent cheek shades with supernatural sheens are presented in two palettes in a range of pink shimmers and golden bronzes that can be worn for a dry shimmering veil of second-skin color or wet for high-impact glow.

NARS Reve Sale Higlighting Cheek Palette2

The Rêve Salé Cheek Palette has 3 shades, each of which weighs 3.5g. They’re not assigned any special names and at the back they’re merely labeled as I, II and III. I is described as a warm gold with a pearl finish. II is a soft pink with shimmer. III is a metallic rose gold. Packaging-wise, I’ve taken quite a liking to how NARS are presenting their palettes. I used to find them bulky but now, I am really liking the compacts because they feel sturdy but light enough to carry around in a makeup kit.

Many bloggers have mentioned how the formula is very much similar to the Banc de Sable, and also comparable to the highlighters of the Bord de Plage Highlighting & Bronzing Palette (that one I do have).

NARS Reve Sale Higlighting Cheek Palette4

In my opinion, I think the formula in Rêve Salé is far superior. I find the texture creamier and softer than in the other palette. And in terms of pigmentation, the highlighters here pack more punch as I remember describing Bord de Plage highlighters as “near opaque“. When used dry, the two light shades give a soft luminous glow while the darker rose gold is just perfect as a blush topper on my light skin. On the other hand, applied with a wet brush, these appear more intense and almost metallic-like.

NARS Reve Sale Higlighting Cheek Palette swatches

Aside from fulfilling a want with this trio of highlighters, getting this palette is not something I regret. If anything, I am more than happy and satisfied I was able to snatch this up and have this in my collection. The formula of these highlighters are just wonderful and I can see myself using this everyday, so yes this gets my approval — TWO THUMBS UP!

This retails for $49 and is only a Nordstrom exclusive. Get it while it’s still in stock guys because it’s a limited edition. Who else is thinking twice about buying this?


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