Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream | Review

Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream2b

Today will be a skincare review that I found a little bit different. This cream was introduced by a friend who suggested this might be a good moisturizer for me. At that time, Goodal wasn’t as available in the local market as it is right now. I think that was 2 or 3 years ago. And as soon as I got the chance to get to one of their physical stores, I bought this cream. 


Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream4

Formulated with mineral-rich Mount Seorak Water, Fermented Mistletoe Complex, and ceramides, Goodal’s Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream is an oill-free gel moisturizer that recharges refreshing hydration and moisture to skin while boosting the skin’s moisture-locking abilities for longer periods of time.


Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream

The Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream comes in a luxurious, thick, glass jar covered with a green cap. On opening, the cream inside is further covered by another white lid where a small, curved spatula resides. As a side note, I do love how Korean skincare creams come with spatulas for hygiene purposes so you can scoop out the product neatly. This jar only contains 50 ml of product. You’ll think there’d be a lot more judging from the appearance of the tub but the thick glass gives you the impression of it having more.

Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream3

This has a gel/cream hybrid for its texture. It feels cream-like on the fingers but once it is applied on the skin, it sinks in like a gel and doesn’t leave any sticky or greasy feeling at all. It has a very relaxing, floral scent; I don’t know how to describe it properly other than that but I really like it. I first started using this last November and this was my moisturizer when I went to South Korea for which I believe has helped prevent my face from getting too dry. For colder months, yes I think this works as a good moisturizer for me but now that it’s summer, I don’t use it as often as before. I find my face oiling up earlier than I thought possible. I’m not even sure if it can be really used by an oily skin type. In fact, I use it somewhere else now.

Goodal Moisture Barrier Fresh Gel Cream5

Okay a short FYI first, I have an oily face but everywhere else — my arms, trunk and my legs, they are really dry. And I am prone to a little dermatologic condition called Xerotic Eczema, which is characterized by itchiness, scaling, dryness and a whole lot of cracked appearance of the skin. It also means my skin barrier is easily disrupted by strong detergents and the like. It used to be worse before, well the itchiness and dryness is always worse in the colder months, but now I keep it down with a lot of emollients and lotions. These lotions however don’t last the whole day on me. I have to apply them several times a day but when I slap this Goodal cream on, the relief is immediate. The itchiness and dryness goes down quickly. Meaning, it has fully hydrated my skin and I can go a long time without needing to reapply.


I want to give it my approval but given the fact that I rarely use this on my face, kind of defeats this review’s purpose. I will recommend this though to anyone who’s got a dry or normal skin, rather than oily because my dry legs are absolutely loving this.

It retails for Php 1,450 in Club Clio outlets across the nation here in the Philippines. Is there anyone else with an oily skin who’s is using this?


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