Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in Warm Porcelain| Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation

Hi guys! Sorry for not posting for a couple of days now. The internet has gone and become a major problem this whole week (not that the internet from PLDT was ever fine to begin with). I couldn’t upload photos nor could I save my drafts. Anyway, I’ve been meaning to get around to reviewing the Stick Foundation from Anastasia Beverly Hills. I’ve had it since last year and it’s the least used foundation in my stash. Continue on reading to know why.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation6

A highly pigmented, buildable cream formula that leaves a natural matte finish. Apply Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation as an all-over foundation, sheered out as a tinted moisturizer, or for highlighting and contouring.

Available in 30 shades
Lightweight tubes are perfect for travel and on-the-go touch ups
Ideal for combination or oily skin
A shade for all skin tones

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation3

The Stick Foundation comes in a round black tube containing 9 g/ 0.35 oz of product with the ABH logo at the end of the cap. There are 30 shades available in the market and I bought Warm Porcelain which is for fair skin with warm undertones. I went on a blind guess and picked this shade hoping it’ll be the perfect match. I based my choice on the ABH Stick Foundation color chart I keep seeing online but the color’s not a complete match. I think I’d be better off with Warm Ivory instead because I need something a little warmer.Screen-Shot-2016-08-19-at-12.53.10-am-e1471537853980

By the way, the Warm Porcelain in this color chart is very misleading. Now that I’m seeing it again after a long time, I kind of think it looks very cool-toned.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation4

The formula feels light and is easy to blend. Coverage is medium at best and is easy to blend. It gives a bit of coverage to my pores and looks very natural. The only way I apply this now is via a beauty sponge. I wore this the first couple of times using a dense buffing brush and it just wouldn’t work. I mean, it did during the first few hours of wear but by the 4th hour, it would break down on the sides of my nose, emphasize my pores, and some of the product would settle on some of my fine lines. Also it can emphasize any flakes on the skin (sometimes, I’d have a bit of flaking due to Seborrheic Dermatitis on my brows). There’s less break down and product settlement when I wear a primer underneath but still! With a beauty sponge however, none of that happens. The finish is flawless, looking natural and smooth and best of all, it can go for hours without budging or transferring.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation2

Just in case you guys are wondering, here’s the ingredients list.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation5

Honestly, I didn’t like it at first because most of the time, I use buffing brushes for my foundations. I only use a sponge when I have the luxury of the time to make my face up and that doesn’t happen often. Most days, I need to be out the door as early as possible to avoid traffic so I end up applying my makeup in the car, ergo the makeup brush. And so that’s the only thing that disappoints me about this. Sigh, I can never apply it with a brush. I have to use a sponge instead.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation Warm Porcelain swatch

Okay, I wanted to try a stick foundation for the longest time because supposedly, cream foundation formulas are the best for oily skin. And I figured if anyone can give the best stick foundation out there, it’ll be Anastasia Beverly Hills. Well, that and it’s loads cheaper that the one from Hourglass. Taking everything in, the pros and the cons, I’d say this is a pretty okay stick foundation. It’s not the one I’d wear everyday but it does a good job.

It retails for $25 at the Anastasia Beverly Hills website and anywhere else where the brand is being sold at.

Who is loving this foundation? Does anyone else have similar issues with this particular stick foundation? Or is it just me?


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3 thoughts on “Anastasia Beverly Hills Stick Foundation in Warm Porcelain| Review

  1. ooo I love ABH cosmetics. I’ve not really given stick foundations a chance yet so this is going to be on my next haul list. great post 🙂 x


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