Low Buy Haul for 2018: First Quarter Update

Low buy haul for first quarter of 2018

The first quarter of 2018 has come and gone in a hurry. Looking back at all my purchases of the year since I decided to be on a “low-buy”, I’m quite pleased with how it turned out so far. Also I did not expect not getting a couple of items from my “allowed-to-buy” list (like ColourPop, Becca and Happy Skin). Anyway, I’ve got the rest of the year for those items but for now, I’ll be showing you what I bought from January until March.

Let’s start with my makeup haul first.

Low buy makeup haul for first quarter of 2018

Okay so I got the famed Soft Glam Palette  and Amrezy Highlighter from Anastasia Beverly Hills, both of which I have already reviewed. I bought from MAC the Viva Glam Sia lipstick and the amazing Setting Powder from the Patrick Starrr collaboration. The recent Givenchy Le Rouge release for the Lunar New Year also made it in my stash. And lastly, these 2 items were bought together. I was looking for a cheap eyeshadow primer -came home with the BYS Eyeshadow Primer — when I came upon the Pixi display in Watson’s. I knew Tati really liked the Mattelast Liquid Lip so I got the one shade I could wear everyday.

Next, we go on to my skincare buys.

Low buy skincare haul for first quarter of 2018

These 4 are still unopened at the moment but I am planning to start using the Krave Beauty Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser and Kale-Lalu-yAHA soon because I just finished one of my cleansers and I think it’ll be better if I use the cleanser and exfoliator simultaneously. I also got Drunk Elephant’s Protini Polypeptide Cream which I am so excited to use but I can’t yet because I’ve got a long way to go with finishing up the rest of my opened creams. Last, but not the least is the only skincare product I didn’t plan on, which is the Biore UV Perfect Spray. I was thinking since it’s summer, it might come in handy when I go swimming.

So these are my haul. Not bad right? I know I could have done better but seeing as I used to buy practically the same amount of items in just a month, I think this was an improvement. That said, we’ll see how the rest of the year will go. I hope I’ll be strong enough to resist the incoming temptations.

Now I want to know what your hauls are since the start of 2018. Tell me all about them down below guys. Or if you have some of what I hauled, how do you like them?


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