Goodal Apple Mint Fresh Cleansing Foam | Review

Goodal Apple Mint Fresh Cleansing Foam

For several months now, one of the cleansing foams I’ve been using is from Goodal. It’s actually my first Korean cleansing foam that I opened. I’m so tempted to try others because Asian skincare has made a huge impact in my skin. But first, I have to finish this one and today I’ll be reviewing it.


Goodal Apple Fresh Mint Cleansing Foam

Formulated with apple mint, this lightweight cleansing foam removes dead skin cells and impurities trapped inside pores while soothing tired skin, leaving skin soft and clear.

  • How to use:
    1. Take a moderate amount to your palm and lather it up.
    2. Gently massage it to your face and wash off with lukewarm water.

Goodal Apple Fresh Mint Cleansing Foam2

Goodal Apple Mint Fresh Cleansing Foam2

The Apple Mint Fresh Cleansing Foam comes in a light green tube containing 150 mL of product. I was readily expecting this cleanser to smell like a combination of apple and mint and really, I was waiting for it when I uncapped it but unfortunately, it doesn’t have that scent. It doesn’t smell like apples to me and it barely smells like mint. I have to take a huge whiff of it before the minty scent even registers.

The product’s ingredients are down here:

Goodal Apple Mint Fresh Cleansing Foam3

A typical dollop foams up easily and well enough. After rinsing, my skin feels certainly smooth and clean but a little bit squeaky which makes me doubt this product. I’ve been trying to find out if there is review of this cleanser somewhere. Or maybe someone out there have used this before and might have mentioned what pH level this has. But so far, I have never come across anything. A Google search only leads to online shops selling this. On the upside, I have never badly reacted to this cleanser but then, I do use acids so those might help return the pH level of my skin back to normal.

I’m quite certain this won’t be reappearing in my future skincare routine when I’m done with this, not unless I know just how high or low its pH is. There’s so much I want to know about this cleanser but I don’t know where to start. As of now, I’m thinking of purchasing a pH kit to be on the safe side.

I bought this for Php 420 at the Club Clio store in Festival Mall, Alabang. For a complete list of their branches here in the Philippines, visit their Facebook page.


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