MAC Cosmetics Patrick Starrr Set Powder | Review

MAC PatrickStarrr Set Powder

To us Filipino makeup addicts, Patrick Starrr is, well a really, really bright star. And an idol. His status as a beauty influencer makes us proud. His collaboration with MAC affirms that status. And really, since he’s a Filipino and he came here in the Philippines just last week for the collection, doesn’t it make sense to send more of the items here in the Philippines? I’m saying this because the setting powder sold out on the first day of release. But nevertheless, I got my hands on it.


MAC PatrickStarrr Set Powder4

A colourless, ultra-fine powder that can be used to set makeup on the face or body. Silky soft texture with a matte finish beautifully stabilizes whatever makeup it is used to set and finish.

MAC PatrickStarrr Set Powder2

The Patrick Starrr Set Powder is a skin-toned setting powder with some peachy undertones packaged in the prettiest translucent tub I have ever seen for a setting powder. Patrick’s signature is scrawled on the side of the tub capped with a silver cover. I’m not so sure though if this can be worn by just anyone to set the entire face because of the light color.

MAC PatrickStarrr Set Powder3

The powder is so finely-milled and silky, not chalky or crumbly. It just melds on the skin and also sets my makeup wonderfully, giving it a complete and absolute matte finish. My pores somehow get blurred out to a degree and paired with a very good foundation, this powder may be able to provide you with the best base of your life. It works like magic on my undereye areas when I set my concealer with it because of the brightening effect it has. (FYI, I don’t bake.)

Usually, any setting powder will only last for about 4 or 5 hours on me before the oiliness of my skin breaks through. The first time I wore this, I kept looking at myself in the mirror every hour just to see when I will get shiny. Well, I only noted the tiniest bit of shine on my nose at about the 6th hour of wear. Afterwards, my skin still looks quite matte for hours. It was just my nose that really got oily.

MAC PatrickStarrr Set Powder swatch

I’m loving this powder so much that’s why I’m giving it my TWO THUMBS UP! I’m quite sad though because this is a limited edition and is currently out of stock in the MAC website and anywhere else I’ve looked. They have their regular Set Powders and I’ve gathered from Karen (of Makeup & Beauty Blog) that it’s a combination of Invisible and Peach so if you want to try this, you can purchase those two instead and mix them up. I think I’m going to end up doing that if they make it permanent. But I don’t know whether the formulas are similar to Patrick Starrr’s.

Who among you is also loving this powder? And do you have back ups of it?


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