MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact | Review

MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact3

My friend once said that the best compact powder she has ever had was the Lightful Powder Foundation. Even if one compact costs a lot, I remember her telling me she’d buy it again. Fast forward 5 years later and I’ve become a beauty addict, blogging in my free time. Now cushion foundations have become major trend and MAC has joined in the fray in the form of the Lightful C Cushion Foundation.

I bought it last year when they had a promo in stores. For every cushion compact and refill bought, the total was less than Php 3,000. I thought it was quite a deal.


MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact2

New Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Compact packs all the benfits of our Lightful foundation into an innovative cushion compact for quick touch-ups and maintaining bright, radiant skin. Never heavy or cakey, the unique delivery system releases liquid foundation in a superfine layer to achieve a natural satin finish and coverage you desire without the extra weight.

MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact

The Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact has your typical cushion components, the round compact with mirror, the puff that’s separated with the cushion, and the cushion itself. Its compact is white with a holographic striped design on the cover. There isn’t any scent to the product as far as I can say. I believe there are about 5 shades and I was matched to Light.

MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact5

The coverage is medium to full and easily buildable. I don’t use the puff it comes with because it results to a really full coverage; I very much prefer to have medium coverage at best. What I do is use a stippling brush instead to lessen the coverage and blend the foundation. In reality, it feels light and has a natural, satin finish. Not dewy but healthy looking. My pores are barely visible and my skin tone is totally evened out. It even covers the discoloration in my undereye areas. It keeps me from being shiny for at least 5 hours. It acts up a bit on the sides of my nose — which is a common issue for me — but it’s not too noticeable unless I look up close.

In all aspects, MAC seems to have a winning cushion foundation on their hands but my main and only problem with it is it BREAKS. ME. OUT.

The culprit, I think, can be found on the ingredients list.

MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact4

Yes, it has dimethicone. So while it may have good oil control, blurring and pore-filling properties, for someone who is sensitive to it, it’s not a good idea to use this daily. I only wear this a few times a month and only on days when my skin is really good. I don’t think I can consider it a coincidence that whenever I use it continuously for a few days, I always get new bumps on my cheeks and chin.

MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact Light swatch3

I really wish this doesn’t cause me any breakouts because I still have a refill to go through. But after that, I won’t be buying it again. Unless for some reason I won’t be sensitive to it anymore. Ha, wishful thinking! But who knows, right?

I know this product isn’t available worldwide but for those who have it, what are your thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Let me know down below!


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One thought on “MAC Lightful C SPF 50 Quick Finish Cushion Compact | Review

  1. This looks pretty! I’ve always been weary about trying MAC complexion products because I hear your same complaint from so many people saying it breaks them out too. I wish companies would realize most people don’t want dimethicone and other pore-clogging ingredients in their makeup. xo J


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