The Balm Cosmetics Highlite ‘N Con Tour Palette | Review

The Balm Cosmetics Highlite 'N Con Tour Palette

I’ve been meaning to put down my thoughts regarding the contour and highlight palette from The Balm Cosmetics for a long time now and I keep on putting it off. I first bought this last year when I found myself without my makeup kit for a whole week. Truthfully, I had only used this a couple of times since I’ve put it in rotation and now it’s time for that review.


The Balm Cosmetics Highlite 'N Con Tour Palette2

Introducing the Highlite ‘N Con Tour, a palette sensation coming to a city near you! With these 8 chart-topping contours and highlighters, you are sure to steal the spotlight. We’ve made a ‘concert’ed effort to ensure this palette contains everything you need to emphasize and define your finest features… so pick up this rockin’ headliner and watch your complexion go platinum!

The Balm Cosmetics Highlite 'N Con Tour Palette3

The Highlite ‘N Con Tour Palette contains a total of 8 pans composed of two shimmery (64Hz & 125Hz) and two matte highlighters (250Hz & 500Hz), 2 contour shades (20dB & 10dB), one bronzer (0dB) and one blush (3dB).  The last four also have matte finishes. They’re labeled in relation to music and sound, the highlighters being the hertz (Hz) and the contour, bronzer and blush shades are decibels (dB).

The only flaw I can find in this palette is the degree of powderiness of the matte shades and the amount of product kick-up that happens every single time I dip my brush on the pans. But when you disregard that issue, you’ve got a palette with a pretty amazing quality. The powders are all soft and smooth to touch. They blend very beautifully and easily on the skin. They last quite well throughout the day too.

I really like the shimmery highlighters as they give such a subtle glow on the skin but they don’t compare to the beautiful Mary-Lou Manizer. I like the blush too because even if it looks dark on the pan, it translates into a natural flush on the cheeks. The matte highlighters are very good in brightening up the undereye area and setting the concealer. I do find the bronzer too warm, actually almost orange-like so I mix it with the contour shades as my bronzer. I don’t really contour so I use those two as my bronzer instead.

The Balm Cosmetics Highlite 'N Con Tour Palette swatches

Overall, I think this contouring palette is pretty okay but at the rate at which the excess powder is being kicked up, it makes me think that I’ll eventually hit pan on it sooner than I expect. And I really don’t that to happen. It’s $36 at The Balm website where it’s currently sold out and Php 1,895 at The Beauty Bar here in the Philippines.

Any of you guys have this palette? How are you liking it?


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