23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence | Review

23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence

Sometime last year I found myself being pulled to the 23.5N section of the Beauty Bar of Power Plant Mall. It was a new brand at the time and I was curious enough to linger and inspect their products. In the end, I came home with their Rice Soothing Active Essence. And now I’m ready to share my experience with it. 


23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence4

The soothing collection from 23.5N is the brand’s most famous (and beauty bloggers’ favorite).  

Intensely brightening and soothing dull skin to reveal a silk-texture complexion with fermented rice essence.  Helps to calm down skin.

Apply to the cleansed face with a cotton pad or fingertips daily. Gently massage till fully absorbed.

Rice Ferment Filtrate(Sake),Oryza sativa(Rice) Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, Carbomer, Glycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin.

23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence2

The Rice Soothing Active Essence comes in a translucent, capped bottle with a pump containing 150 ml of product. The bottle itself has a minimalist design which appeals to me. The liquid has a thin consistency, almost like water but just a bit thicker. I didn’t detect any scent to it giving it another point in my favor. It gets absorbed right into the skin after some gentle pats and doesn’t leave it feeling tacky or sticky.

23.5N Rice Soothing Active Essence3

At first, I thought it wasn’t doing anything at all. But after a few weeks of use, I started to notice some things. During those first weeks, I haven’t seen any brightening effect but I certainly can’t deny it has hydrating properties. It makes my skin softer and smoother to touch even with just one layer. This is one of those essences I can layer up to 5 times against my face but not feel heavy or make me greasy at all. I can’t say much about its soothing effect on the skin since mine isn’t really red these days. My skin hasn’t really been irritated in a long time, not since I started getting into proper skincare.

Despite the lack of brightening effect on me, I still enjoy using this essence. I have a feeling it will do nicely in the summer when I need a lightweight hydrator. There’s a high chance I will buy this again after I finish the whole bottle.

One bottle of this essence is priced at Php 1,850 at Beauty Bar stores or you can order from them here for other 23.5N items. I’m currently adding the Oriental Beauty Tea line to my skincare wishlist (that includes the toner, serum and makeup remover). But given my low buy plan this year, that’s going to be a long time from here. Until next time then!


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