My Low Buy Plan for 2018

Makeup stash Jan 2018

Yes dear readers of mine, just as I’ve mentioned it on my New Year’s resolution list, I fully intend to be on a low-buy phase, both in the skincare and in makeup department. For the past few days, I’ve been trying to organize my stash and I found out a couple of untouched and slightly used makeup and skincare. Some I have completely forgotten about. In an effort to use them up, I’ve brought them out within easy reach.

Rather than produce a list of brands I won’t be spending money on — because let’s face it, if I’m going to take this seriously, it’s going to be quite a long list — I’ll be restricting my buys to brands I know have been special to me. I have carefully narrowed them down here and some with specific items only.

The only eyeshadow palettes I would think I would actually use and love would be from Anastasia Beverly Hills and ColourPop Cosmetics unless of course I’d find the color combinations too eccentric for my tastes which I’d have to take a pass. I’d also like to take a pass on all-too familiar warm and neutral shades that are easily dupable.

NARS Cosmetics has been a very dear to me since I started getting into makeup. It’s been a hit or miss for me in general but lately, the ones I bought are mostly hits.As far as the brand is concerned, I might get their new foundation when it launches here, and maybe a new lip product from them.

Next, the highlighter category was a difficult area to decide in. Those Shimmering Skin Perfectors from Becca Cosmetics have always been my one of my favorites. Other new releases will just have to take a backseat (except maybe from MAC and Bobbi Brown).

For lipsticks, Happy Skin Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lippies are a favorite lately and if they create new shades, I might buy but only when the color suits me. Another lipstick I would cave in would be the Givenchy Le Rouge. I hadn’t been able to buy myself a new one in a long time. I think it’ll be okay if I indulge myself this year with a tube or two. Also a MAC Lipstensity that might be suitable for everyday use.

Limited edition collections used to be my kryptonite but now I’m finding it easier to get over the urge of purchasing items from them. For holiday collections, the only thing I’m expecting to indulge would be the limited edition face palette from Hourglass Cosmetics or a new highlighter from MAC Cosmetics.

For other items like primers, setting powders, blushes, bronzers, brow pencils, contour products, concealers, and settings sprays, I think what I have on hand is more than enough to get me through the year so I can use them up. I did mention in my new year’s resolution that I will pan more cheek products. And if I have finished them, I might allow myself a new item from the brands I named above or something from drugstore brands. Also I think I’m pretty much okay with not getting new makeup brushes/tools except for the new Wet N Wild ones or a new sponge from AOA.

Beauty sales (Black Friday, Sephora sales, Nordstrom Anniversary Sal, etc.), will surely be one tough cookie to pass by. I don’t know how I’m going to tackle this one. We’ll see how it’ll go.

In the skincare department, I plan to use up what I have accumulated last year and from Seoul (there’s a haul post coming up, don’t worry). I will allow myself, however, to repurchase some The Ordinary serums, buy sheet masks online from various brands (again, when I have only used up what I have on hand), and probably get the Missha Time Revolution set (includes both the essence and ampoules) when I have finished 2 or more bottles of other essences and serum on hand. Furthermore, I will have a separate wishlist of skincare products I might get once I finished a couple of items up.

These may seem like too much for a low-buy plan but I don’t expect myself to get everything on this list. Ultimately, what this stands for is a brand list of items I will allow myself to buy this year. Then, maybe every month or so I’ll do an anti-haul post or update you guys into my progress. Anyway who else is going into a low-buy/no buy plan this year? How are you going to accomplish this goal? Share them with me pretty please? I’ll be very grateful!


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