Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder | Review

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder Warm Light

Hey guys, this Wet N Wild powder here has been on my drawer for a ridiculous looong time and I’ve never reviewed it because I don’t find myself reaching or it, not when there’s another pressed powder that works so well for me. I might as well get it out of the way and let you know my thoughts about it. 

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder Warm Light3


Your smartphone just met its makeup match. Pack this genius pressed powder in your bag for endlessly amazing photos every time. Light-diffusing pigments give your skin a veil of silky natural looking perfection in photos and IRL. Wear it alone, on bare skin or over Photo Focus foundation for a flawless finish.

  • Sets makeup with an unbelievably soft, satin finish
  • Reduces shine throughout the day
  • Each shade covers a range of skin tones

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder Warm Light2

The Photo Focus Pressed Powder has a total of 8 shades available in a black plastic compact with a clear cover and a net weight of 0.26 oz/7.5 g. Out of those 8 shades, I figured I can wear Warm Light, the lightest in the range, and if you guys have a hard time deciding, you can always try their Shade Finder.

Okay, so the powder can pass of as seemingly baked because of the domed shaped appearance. The upper layers are pretty dry and when I swatched it for the first time, I had to really rub my finger back and fort on the pan so I can show you guys how Warm Light looks like against my skin. Underneath that stiff layer, the powder becomes softer. But it’s not the kind of soft that I appreciated. It has too much fallout and powder was just getting kicked up all over my place. The finish was nice though; it has a satin and smooth look to it, and it helps set whatever foundation I was wearing. Oil control was just average in my opinion. It doesn’t keep me from getting oily for half a day and that’s the reason why I won’t be using it in the summer.

Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder Warm Light swatch

Remember my review of the Photo Focus Foundation? I broke out from it and even though I absolutely love how it looks on me, I had to break up with it. This powder though, it didn’t break me out but it also didn’t wow me. I will finish it though however, I’m not too sure at this point if I will repurchase once I’m done with it. I believe this pressed powder is suited for dry to normal skin types. I think they’ll like the satin finish more than I did.

A compact retails for $4.99 in the US at Wet N Wild’s website by the way. So any other thoughts about this pressed powder guys? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know how you use it!


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