Happy Skin Cosmetics Liquid Matte Lippies in Warm Embrace, The Big Day and Fierce Kiss

Happy Skin Liquid Matte Lippies

Hello everyone!

Today will be short and sweet. I’m going to show you my newest Liquid Matte Lippes from Happy Skin.  You all know how much I adore their liquid lipsticks and I think the formula is one of the best ones out there, if we’re speaking locally and internationally. Okay, I may be a little biased because it’s a homegrown brand but whatever.

Happy Skin Liquid Matte Lippies2

This won’t really be a review. It’s more of a swatch post. But just a recap, the formula has a thin consistency and glides on the lips comfortably during application. I find the short wand applicator to have the perfect length especially when it comes to putting the color on the corners of the lips and on the cupid’s bow. The formula also offers quite an opaque pigmentation lasting for 5 to 8 hours, depending on whether the shade is light or dark.

Warm Embrace is a warm peach brown on me with an equal mix of the two colors. Someone once said it’s near identical to the liquid lipstick the brand collaborated with Denise Ochoa. I don’t have it for comparison but I did try that shade once and I remember not liking how it looked on me. The reason I like Warm Embrace better is because it looks like how I imagined the latter should be.

The Big Day is a dark, reddish brown. The shade is nice against my arm but it appears darker once on my face. I mostly use this if I just put some eyeliner and mascara on, never with full eye makeup.

Fierce Kiss is a slightly cool toned mauve pink. Out of all these three, I favor this one the most because I find it very natural on my lips and it’s easily one of the colors I can wear to work everyday aside from my usual nudes.

Happy Skin Liquid Matte Lippies Warm Embrace, The Big Day, Fierce Kiss swatches

By the way, the last 2 shades come from their Bridal Collection which I think (not sure though!) is a limited edition collection. It’s still available on their website though so if you fancy these colors, you better snag them up fast.

Each Liquid Matte Lippies costs Php 699. Happy Skin ships worldwide if you’re curious.


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