Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA++++ | Review

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk2

I have never enjoyed wearing a sunblock on my face before because they always feel sticky to me. Aside from that it makes my oily skin look more shiny. Yes, before I knew how sun exposure can cause premature aging of the skin, I never wore any. After I realized it, wearing any sun protection had become quite a chore. As much as I hate the sticky feeling, I had no choice but to wear it. Thank the heavens though because there are options out there like this one from Biore.


Superior lightweight UV block for face, Matte Effect. Provides long-lasting UV protection of SPF50+/ PA++++. It has an ultra light, non-sticky texture. Also an ideal makeup base, it contains Sebum-absorbing powder to give you that matte look and keep skin shine-free.

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk

The UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+ PA++++ comes in a 30-ml white plastic bottle with a thin nozzle closed by a simple twist cap. It has a scent that I can best describe as a tamed version of a sunblock. The instructions and other details are printed entirely in Japanese at the back of the bottle but the ones being sold locally have English translations on the cardboard packaging. It smells distinctly like sunscreen but milder which on some days, I don’t notice all that much.

The sunblock is more liquid than creamy, not as runny as water because I think it has a thicker consistency. Once it gets fully absorbed by the skin, the finish becomes matte and velvet-like. I like using it especially on the more humid days because it feels light and not sticky at all. Plus, it also acts as a makeup primer supposedly by helping prevent sebum production.

White cast is undeniable after application but it’s only minimal and I have never seen it affect any of the photos taken of me (not that there’s a lot). So if you’re worried about looking like you did not have the time to blend out your HD powders thoroughly because of flashback from digital photography, you can breathe easy with this sunblock.

Biore UV Perfect Face Milk3

I may be able to recommend this sunscreen to those with oily or combination skin types especially during the summer. I’m not sure yet of how it can affect oil production during the warmer months in the Philippines but know that I will be using this next summer when I can test it out further for oil control. That said I’m not yet ready to give it my approval but this sunscreen is pretty much a good option for me at the moment.

It retails for Php 397 in BeautyMnl and is also available in SM Department stores and PCX for Php 380.

Is anyone else loving this sunscreen from Biore? What did you guys think of it?


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