Wayne Goss The Air-Brush | Review

Wayne Goss The Air-Brush

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to review my very first Wayne Goss brush, the Air-Brush! I’ve been wanting it for ages now but it always sells out on Beautylish before I even know it has been restocked. My patience finally paid off because one of the sellers I follow on Instgram had it for sale!


Exquisitely soft and artfully designed by makeup artist Wayne Goss, this limited edition powder brush is the one tool you need to sculpt, buff, and bake your way to a flawless, airbrushed look.

Why It’s Special
  • Master even the most advanced makeup techniques, including contouring, baking, buffing, highlighting, and more, with the versatile tapered shape
  • Decadently soft blue squirrel bristles glide across skin to ensure a smooth, seamless finish
  • Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniques
How to Use

Use with your favorite powder products to easily achieve a sculpted, airbrushed look. When angled on its thin side, The Air-Brush creates a sharp contour line. The tapered tip can be used to apply highlighter to targeted areas. Sweep blush and bronzer onto the cheeks with the large flat side. Buff powder into skin or blend away lines by moving the brush in circular motions with light pressure.

Wayne Goss The Air-Brush2

The Air Brush is a limited edition powder brush created by the makeup genius and one of my idols, Wayne Goss. It is handmade and the bristles are made from blue squirrel hair. The total length of the brush is 17 cm while the bristle length is 3.75 cm. The tip and its sides are tapered off flattening the rush to ensure precise application.

It is by far the softest brush I own. I’m not kidding. It’s actually a small cheek brush and I used to prefer larger ones to apply my blush, bronzer and highlighter but ever since I started using this, I have become more accustomed to how precise and easy powders are being blended out. It’s not too dense that it’ll distribute the product harshly or too much. The handle is slim and long enough not to be awkward. I also love how I can pick up any product from a small pan with this brush without disturbing its other neighbors in a palette. It has never shed its bristles with washing and it never lost any of its softness over time.

Wayne Goss The Air-Brush3

It’s definitely HOLY GRAIL material. Now I know why people go gaga over Wayne Goss brushes. It’s what makeup brush dreams are made of. If this has the same quality as the rest of his brushes then I am in deep trouble because I will surely want to get all of his brushes now. If it were up to me (and not my wallet), I would have bought 3 more, 1 to set my undereye are, 1 for my blush and 1 for contour.

The Air-Brush retails for $35 at Beautylish. As of this posting, it is very much available there. Remember it’s a limited edition and it frequently sells out so you better grab one now.  Don’t miss the chance to own this if you’re a makeup brush addict and even if you’re not and you’re more into highlighters and blushes, this brush blows all the competition away, at least in my own humble opinion. I realize it has a hefty price tag but IT’S SO WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Who else has this in their collection?


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5 thoughts on “Wayne Goss The Air-Brush | Review

  1. I wish I could feel this brush! The shape is so interesting – I have small cheek brushes like this (Japanese ones) but not with such long hairs. I still haven’t gotten any WG brushes yet.


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