Violet Voss Ride or Die Palette | Review

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette

With the Ride Or Die Palette, I guess that you’re going to be one of these three people. One, you’ll absolutely love everything about it to bits. Two, you will be sorely disappointed at the palette for a number of things. And three, you’re going to find something to love about it because you don’t want the $75 you spent on it to go to waste.

If you want to find out how the whole palette fares for me, read on more.


Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette2

Named after your Ride or Die pal. Each color was curated from our library of high impact colors in a range of colors and finishes.

Our PRO eye shadows are made with the highest quality ingredients and formulated to allow for smooth blending.  The perfect go-to for any occasion to create your flawless sexy look.

RETAIL VALUE $252 (if sold separately)
  • 42 super saturated colors
  • Full Sized Pans
  • Mattes
  • Metals
  • Satin
  • Full sized pans (1.8 grams each)
  • Cruelty Free
  • Infused with Jojoba Oil
  • Vegan

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette3

Forty two eyeshadows in one huge palette is the biggest I’ve ever seen and the certainly the biggest one in my collection. The Ride Or Die Palette has a variety of finishes ranging from mattes to satins and a whole lot of shimmers, frosts and metallics. The color range is more on the warm toned side, so there’s more oranges, reds, yellows and browns with some grays and blacks thrown in. I found myself wishing there were at least some blues and purples included. I love the holographic design of the palette and how the colors on the coer would shift against the light.The magnetized cardboard is sturdy to hold all the eyeshadows and it comes with a huge mirror inside.

Pretty much, majority of the mattes were hard to swatch on the first go and it took layers to build that kind of intensity on my arm swatches. But as soon as the top part of the mattes were scraped off on the pan, they were softer and more buttery. The metallics and frosts were better in comparison as they usually are in a Violet Voss palette. The mattes are also a little powdery with only minor excess product kicked off. In general, these last on me for most of the day with slight creasing after 7 to 8 hours. Fading is more visible after the 10th hour mark.

The palette did surprise me some ways. It’s a bit unusual though to find the black matte to be more forgiving in terms of texture and pigmentation. In other palettes, they’d be patchy and hard to blend but Carly did pretty well. There were some shades I was disappointed in like Michelle which is the most powdery among the mattes.

I found a few favorites as well as I used up all the colors. First, I just love the lighter metallic shades like Ann, Emma and Isabella. They are simply surreal on my lids and on the inner corner of the lids. Among the darker colors, my picks would be Jasmine, MonicaNatalie, Maria, Stephanie, Andrea and Amy. I really like how Maria can look like a purplish brown on me.

Now let’s go on those swatches.

Row 1:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette Row 1 swatches

Row 2:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette Row 2 swatches

Row 3:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette Row 3 swatches

Row 4:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette Row 4 swatches

Row 5:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette Row 5 swatches

Row 6:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Ride or Die Palette Row 6 swatches

On a closer look at these swatches, I noticed that the colors of the eyeshadows per column look very similar to each other, just getting deeper and darker as it goes down. Some of them can be actually described as “eyeshadow twins” like Jasmine and Jamie for example.

As much as I love Violet Voss and and their eyeshadow palettes, the Ride or Die Palette left me hanging. If they were aiming for the real meaning behind the words ‘ride or die’, then they missed the point. But if you’re new to makeup or you haven’t gotten anything from Violet Voss, then this palette might be for you. Going back to the three kinds of people who has this palette, I think I might belong to the last group, the one looking for something to love about it.

What do you guys think of this palette? Anyone else bought this?


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6 thoughts on “Violet Voss Ride or Die Palette | Review

  1. This palette looks beautiful! I love the range of colours. It’s always kind of concerning when they can’t be switched straight away and you have to scrape off, but they do look lovely!


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