Japonesque Kumadori Contour/ Highlighting Brush | Review

Japonesque Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush4

I came across the Kumadori brushes from Japonesque one day and I got intrigued by how a particular brush resembles NARS’ famous Yachiyo brush at first glance. We all know how the latter is expensive as hell. So I didn’t think twice about getting it.


Japonesque Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush2

 Ku·ma·dor·i (隈取)
A Japanese stagecraft tradition in ancient Kabuki theatre. A makeup technique used to express the qualities of overflowing power and emphasize the individual personalities of each character with its own colored pattern. The purpose of the Kumadori is to emphasize the facial expressions rather than to hide them.

This is the essence of the JAPONESQUE® Kumadori Brush Collection. Born from JAPONESQUE®’s heritage, it is a stunning collection of essential face brushes. Designed to bring the delicate craftmanship of authetic Kabuki theatre make-up brushes to today’s modern and sophisticated cosmetics applications.
This beautifully crafted Kumadori Contour & Highlighting Brush harmonizes the beauty of Kabuki theatre with the superb craftsmanship of professional makeup tools. The natural fibers lightly deposit pigmented powders while the hand-cut shape offers ideal control and precision for specific contour and highlighting areas.

Japonesque Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush

The Kumadori Contour/ Highlighting Brush is ideal for applying contour on the hollows of the cheeks and highlighter on the tops of the cheekbones. The wisteria stalks wrapped around the handle gives the look of a traditional Japanese kabuki brush while also providing a secure grip. There are no specifics regarding what type of hairs are used but I have read somewhere that these are natural rather than synthetic.

The bristles are a little scratchy but they make blending very easy. I like using it to apply my bronzers, blushes and yes, highlighters. Even the most pigmented blushes stand no chance of being overdone or applied harshly because this brush sheers it out. The tapered end picks up just the right amount of product and applies it on the face with a near perfect precision that amazes me.

Japonesque Kumadori Contour & Highlight Brush3

Since I have first started using this, it has never stopped shedding. During the first few days, I would end up with bristles on some part of my face. Although, I found it funny that it never shed while I was washing it and the bristles even became softer. But as soon as it dries and once again put to work, the shedding begins anew. Although now, I have noticed how it doesn’t shed as much as it did before.

The brush is available in Beauty Bar for Php 1,395. Have any of you gotten a hold of the Japonesque Kumadori brushes? I’ve been thinking of getting the fan brush soon. Do you guys have it? Share with me your thoughts!


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