Lululun Moisture Type & Brightening Facial Mask

LuLuLun Face Mask3

I don’t use facial masks regularly but if I do, I’m always in awe of its effect. It’s a wonder why I don’t use one every week considering I’ve got softer and more supple skin in the morning. Oh yeah, sometimes, I’m too tired to put one and wait. I’ll probably be asleep by the time I have to remove it. Anyway, one of the masks I’ve got on hand is from Lululun.


Lululun Facial Mask instructions

Lululun is a very famous face mask brand in Japan. To be honest, I was only able to come across it when I was looking for Japan’s best selling skincare products to haul. They come in different colored packages that cater to different skin needs.  The purple (or blue) is for dry skin; red is for anti-aging; gold is for anti-aging and whitening; white is for brightening and the pink one is the regular type for normal skin.

I’ve got both the pink (Classic Moisturizing Facial Mask) and white (Brightening Facial Mask) version in resealable packs each containing 7 facials masks that ideally, should be used everyday. That said, a small pack can last one week and the bigger, boxed packaging can last at least a month. The smaller packs are also suitable for travel. I’ve been bringing the white pack with me going to and from Makati where I stay during the weekdays.

LuLuLun Face Mask

There’s a whole lot of Nihongo going on at the official website and the translation (from Google Chrome) didn’t make sense either. But let’s get down to the product itself. From what I understand, the mask is made up of microfibers that will easily fit the curves of the face. But there are some areas where the mask bunches up like on my chin. I think their essence is less sticky than the others I’ve used. I also apply the extra essence on my neck and hands after patting down the mask on the nooks and crannies of my face.

Overall, I do like it not because it helps with controlling the oiliness of my skin but it does make my skin brighter (which may be due to the Brightening type). And I enjoy putting it on at night. I also like how you get 7 pieces with one pack but then again, the essence may dry out if you don’t seal it properly.

LuLuLun Face Mask2

I’ll probably be getting the bigger pack at Beauty Bar once I ran out. The 7-day pack costs somewhere between Php 250 to 335 while the 32-day pack costs  from Php 995 to 1,095 depending on the type of the mask.

Have you tried this Japanese brand of facial mask? What facial mask do you enjoy using? Tell me down below!


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One thought on “Lululun Moisture Type & Brightening Facial Mask

  1. I’ve been curious about these masks. They were very popular in Japan when I visited but I ended up not buying any sheet masks due to the weight. I would worry the masks would dry out in the pouch but I like that it’s more environmentally friendly compared to individually wrapped ones.


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