Oh My Bag Marina Blues Handle Wraps | Review

Oh My Bag Marina Blues Handle Wraps

When I got accepted into the residency for Dermatology, I got told more than once to “dress the part“. So I did. I now have more clothes that goes beyond the neutral shade range which are office-appropriate but also sophisticated-looking. Dressing the part also includes finding the right accessory for my bags too. Enter the Marina Blues Handle Wrap from Oh My Bags.



What is a handle wrap anyway? It’s pretty simple actually. As the name implies, you wrap it around the bag handles to prevent daily wear and tear from use and it keeps them in pristine condition for a long period. Especially if the handles are made from leather. I’ve had bags from before that I wish had these.

Oh My Bag Marina Blues Handle Wraps2

Aside from protection, Oh My Bag Handle Wraps come in a plethora of colors and designs to suit your mood and style. Florals, abstract patterns or just plain, solid colors to fit any personality. So now my bags go from plain to stylish quickly!

Oh My Bag Marina Blues Handle Wraps5

Another thing I want to point out is you can use it on any bag you have. I’ve used it on my some of my favorite bags interchangeably and I can’t decide where it looks better on. Blue-and-brown or blue-and-black? What do you think?

Oh My Bag Marina Blues Handle Wraps4

I also got a pack of dehumidifiers from them which prevents molds and odor from ruining any leather goods by absorbing moisture in the air. Nifty eh?

Oh My Bag Marina Blues Handle Wraps3

The Marina Blues Handle Wrap and other handle wraps are available at Oh My Bag Ph starting at Php 299. They also have other bag accessories like bag stuffers, base shapers, etc. Do check them out if you’re in need of one or a lot!

You can also check out their FB page for more details: Oh My Bag Ph
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