Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Brown Berry | Review

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Brown Berry

Hi guys! Today I’ll be doing a review for the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Brown Berry. It’s the very first lip product I have from the brand. I’ve loved the other makeup I bought from them and I’m hoping this too, will be just as awesome.


Bobbi Brown Art Stick Brown Berry3

Bold color that packs a one-two punch. This chunky pencil gives you lipstick and liner in one, comfortable wear and a creamy matte finish. Comes with a sharpener to keep the point perfect.

Formulated with Shea Butter and emollients, Art Stick has a creamy texture and a featherweight feel—for comfortable wear that lasts hours.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Brown Berry2

Brown Berry is a dark peachy nude that’s packs a little more brown than your ordinary peach lip color. The color doesn’t wash me out and I do like how it looks on me however, I’m a bit disappointed in the color because I was expecting it to come out with some pink tones due to the shade being named “Berry”. I fail to see how it can be named as such.

Anyway, the product was creamy enough to apply on the lips with some tugging but it doesn’t feel comfortable all on its own. Without a lip balm on my dry lips, I can feel the brunt of the satin finish as it was present with every drink and bite of food I take but only minimal transfer was noted. It was not hydrating nor drying during the first few hours of wearing it but after 4 hours, my lips start to flake and chap. The color lasted for 2 more hours before finally fading. By that time, my lips were even more flaky.

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Brown Berry swatch

The pigmentation was okay with one layer but a couple more are needed to achieve full opacity. One of the huge points of this pencil is it has its own sharpener. Yay! I don’t have to worry about sharpening the pencil or buying a separate jumbo sharpener. In fact, now I don’t have to worry about sharpening any of my jumbo lip pencils (thank you Bobbi Brown! haha)

Bobbi Brown Art Stick Brown Berry lip swatch

In the end, while I don’t really see myself wearing this everyday, I’m not exactly rejecting it either. The eventual dryness after 4 hours is only a small factor to consider given that it can be remedied by a lip balm. There are also other shades in the range I would like to try and I bet the pinks and reds will look amazing.

An Art Stick retails for $28 in the US and Php 1,400 here in the Philippines. Has anyone else tried any other shades? Did you like it or not? Tell me down below!
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