Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette | Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance

The very first eyeshadow palette from Anastasia Beverly Hills that I fell in love with at first glance is the Modern Renaissance Palette. It was always sold out whenever I had the urge to get one myself. Luckily for me, I didn’t have to wait for so long. I bought this months ago and I not once do I regret it. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to post this review soon enough. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance2

An essential eye shadow collection featuring 14 shades, including neutral and berry tones. Use Anastasia Beverly Hills first permanent palette, Modern Renaissance to create endless looks for daytime and evening.

Highly pigmented, easy-to-blend formula
11 matte shades; 3 metallic
Dual-sided soft bristle brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance3

The Modern Renaissance Palette contains 14 eyeshadows that has a range of neutrals with some oranges, pinks and reds that are mostly mattes with a few satins and metallics to add definition and depth. The packaging of the palette itself has a lovely velvet texture, looking quite romantic in its presentation.

The shades included are as follows: Tempera, a velvety beige with an ultra-matte finishGolden Ochre which is an earthy yellow with an ultra-matte finish. Vermeer is an iridescent shell with a metallic finishBuon Fresco which is described as an antique lavender with an ultra-matte finishAntique Bronze is a metallic sable with a satin finish. Love Letter which is a raspberry with an ultra-matte finishCyprus Umber is described as a dark coffee with an ultra-matte finish. Realgar which is a brick with an ultra-matte finishWarm Taupe is described as an earthy gray with an ultra-matte finish. Venetian Red is a crimson with an ultra-matte finishRed Ochre which is a sienna with an ultra-matte finishPrimavera described as a shimmery gold dust with a metallic finishBurnt Orange is a deep orange with an ultra-matte finish. And finally, Raw Sienna, which is a neutral amber with an ultra-matte finish.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance swatches row1

The eyeshadows are all soft, smooth and finely milled. There’s some product kick off but the quality more than makes up for it. They are all very much pigmented, starting from the first top most eyeshadow on the left all the way to the last shade on the lower right, that a light brush across the pan is enough to deposit the right amount of color. Each of these shades blend so beautifully and easily and there’s not an ounce of patchiness noted among the mattes. They all adhere well to the skin even without the help of a primer. They last more or less 8 hours on my lids before creasing or fading is noticeable.

This is one palette that I had a hard time picking out favorite shades. I do find myself constantly using Tempera, Antique Bronze, Primavera, Red OchreVenetian Red and Warm Taupe (on the crease). It seems like most of the time I do my eye makeup with these colors.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance swatches row2

Overall, I just love the formula and the color combination of this palette. It deserves my TWO THUMBS UP for sure. I love the warm pinks, the reds and the nudes, of course. I definitely and absolutely recommend this palette to every makeup lover out there who has yet to get this and anyone second guessing themselves on whether they should purchase this or not. Don’t think twice guys, this palette is so worth the hype.

Retailing for $42, the Modern Renaissance Palette is available at Sephora and Anastasia Beverly Hills online. Any one else loving this palette?
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