Chanel Lumières De Kyoto Blush | Review

Chanel Lumieres de Kyoto Blush Harmony

I’m slowly becoming addicted to Chanel blushes, and limited editions at that. They have some of the most gorgeous pans I’ve ever seen. I really can’t help it. Today, I’ll talk about the Lumieres de Kyoto blush.


An exclusive blush harmony inspired by the autumn leaves of Japan, LUMIÈRES DE KYOTO reveals three tones to highlight, enhance and boost radiance for a luminous look. Accompanied by a half-moon brush for easy, optimal application.

Chanel Lumieres de Kyoto Blush Harmony2

The Lumières de Kyoto Harmony Blush has 3 strips: a shimmery light champagne, an orange coral, also with fine gold shimmers, and a pale beige with a matte finish. When these 3 are swirled together, they create a medium peachy coral shade with a luminous sheen. The golden shimmers are not very obvious nor do they emphasize my pores. Instead, the luminosity just provides a pleasing glow to the face.

I was ready to write this off as stiff and a little dry on the pan when I first swatched it. It was honestly hard for the color to show up on my arm as the swatches came out too powdery for my liking. I had to swipe a couple of layers for it to appear as it does below in my arm. But when I got around to wearing it on my cheeks, it never appeared to be powdery at all. I figured that the top most layer was drier. Pigmentation was somewhere between sheer to medium with wear time being 7 hours at mosr.

Chanel Lumieres de Kyoto Blush Harmony swatch

There were only a few reviews I’ve read for this product and not many claims are positive. In retrospect, Chanel has had better blushes in the past compared to this however, I still like this though. I like how the blush looks on me and how its subtlety fits into my everyday look.

Retailing for $70, I was able to snag myself one because of @designerdepotph. Has any one else managed to pick this up? What did you guys think?
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