Beauty Resolutions for 2017


Happy 2017 you guys! I had plans to post this as early as the 2nd day of the year but I got sidetracked with getting back to work. Anyway, before I start proclaiming any beauty resolutions, let me first thank anyone and everyone who has followed me here and my other social media accounts, those who have read my blog posts (especially those very late reviews) and those who have taken time to leave comments. Thank you so much!

  1. Pan more products. I realized while I was doing my empties and pans post how it feels really good to hit pan on a product. I’ll try to use more I just have an exception to this resolution: the limited editions. They make for good flatlays and I don’t have any backups but rest assured I’ll use them occasionally.
  2. Explore more drugstore brands. I found a great baked highlighter recently in the Essence Pure Nude Highlighter and it got me thinking, there might be more drugstore gems out there in the market. The reason I don’t use a lot of drugstore products is  because I had a bad reaction/experience before back when I got interested in makeup. So now I want to be open to other drugstore brands aside from the ones I usually go to.
  3. Support local beauty brands. There are a number of local beauty brands out there in the market that I admit I haven’t paid any attention to mainly because I do my shopping online. What kind of a beauty blogger am I? That’ll change, I promise.
  4. Strict on skincare! No amount of beauty product will help my skin as much as getting enough sleep and drinking lots of water for hydration. I’m guilty on both accounts of doing quite the opposite. I’m not getting any younger too. I’ll also try  to follow my skincare routine at night to a T because most nights I just remove all my makeup before diving for bed.

So that’s me. What are your beauty resolutions for this year?
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12 thoughts on “Beauty Resolutions for 2017

  1. Great resolutions….mine has to be the water and night time skincare too. I am getting much better with the skincare routine as it’s the one that does go out of the window from time to time!! 😀 Having my blog helps I find because I want to use and review products! 😄 x

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  2. Nice resolutions. I’m trying to get better at drinking more water less soda [to me personally it’s hard to do that while living in NYC] another one of mine has to be rotating my makeup and skincare collection [making sure I’m using a bit of everything]

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