Best Eyeshadow Palettes of My 2016

Eyeshadow Palettes of 2016

Yesterday I told you my favorite highlighter discoveries for this year. Today, it’ll be all about my favorite eyeshadow palettes. Yes I went palette-crazy all of a sudden on the later half of 2016. So without further ado…

I’ll be starting with Morphe. Don’t be surprised to find it on this list. I’ve nothing but praises for that makeup brand. I first got the 35T palette then the elusive 35O and if you’re following me on Instagram, you’d know I recently got the 35F palette. The love is not going to stop guys because they had just released some new palettes. Sweet!

Eyeshadow Palettes of 2016 2

It was on Instagram that I first knew of Violet Voss and it was love at first sight with the Holy Grail Palette. I’ve also got the Laura Lee palette but the former has become one of my holy grails. By the way, I’m still waiting for the release date of their Ride or Die palette. The previews are just killing me bit by bit.

Which Color is your fave? … 🔥Ride or Die palette coming soon 🔥 Introductory Price $68 Reg: $75 Don’t forget to follow us for updates.

A photo posted by Violet Voss®, LLC Cosmetics Co (@shopvioletvoss) on Dec 26, 2016 at 8:19pm PST

Kylie Cosmetics is pretty much known for its Lip Kits but I’m more of a fan of their Kyshadow Palettes. I am totally obsessed to the point that I have all 3 Kyshadow palettes (review for the Bronze palette here). Then I recently saw how Kylie Jenner made custom Kylie kits for her nieces, purple for North and pink for Penelope. Unfair! She should share them to the whole beauty community!

Kylie’s custom gifts to Penelope & North. A whole set in their favorite color 💕💜

A photo posted by Kylie Cosmetics (@kyliecosmetics) on Dec 26, 2016 at 10:41am PST

Then this morning I woke up to news of another palette coming up on January 2017!!! The Royal Peach Palette!!! Show of hands people, be totally honest. Who’s as excited as I am for this?


Anastasia Beverly Hills has got to have one of the most pigmented eyeshadows I’ve experienced. For so long I have ignored their palettes. It wasn’t until Modern Renaissance (Add this to the list of products I have not reviewed yet but don’t worry, it’s coming) and the Master Palette by Mario that I really paid attention. Looking back at their products, it’s a shame how the Modern Renaissance is their only permanent eyeshadow palette. Maybe there will be more in the future?

So those are my favorite eyeshadow palettes this year. How about you? Tell me what palettes make your heart skip a beat. Share them with me down below. I’ll be eagerly waiting for your replies.

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