NARS Sarah Moon Blush in Isadora | Review

NARS Sarah Moon Blush Isadora

I told myself I’d only get one of the blushes from the NARS x Sarah Moon collection and judging from the pictures online and comparing the two in real life, I personally like Isadora.


NARS Sarah Moon Blush Isadora2

Inspired by the nostalgic futurism of “Metropolis,” Francois Nars and Sarah Moon collectively worked together to set the mood for the season, blurring the line between real and surreal.

A true creative spirit, Sarah’s photography views the world through a dream-like lens, presenting the viewer with nuances of beauty.

Sarah searches for beauty in all of her work. She lets us into her world with this collection. -Francois Nars, Founder & Creative Director

The Review:

NARS Sarah Moon Blush Isadora3

Isadora is described as a lavender pink. I was totally curious about the color description because I didn’t see any hints of lavender by just looking at the pan but I did get it the moment I swatched it because that was when I saw the lavender sheen. So, really it was a rosy mauve and yup, it had a beautiful lavender sheen. It may not be visible on the swatch below but I promise, it’s definitely there.

The texture was drier in comparison to most of my NARS blushes but still considered as soft and smooth. It wasn’t dry at all in my opinion. The pigmentation falls somewhere between medium to full coverage which I handled with light and careful application on the cheeks. The sheen translates to a lovely glow on the skin without being too eye-catching. It wore well on me for a good 8 hours or so before finally fading.

NARS Sarah Moon Blush Isadora swatch

Did something caught your eye from the Sarah Moon collection? I’m thinking of getting Impudique as well but I feel that I may have similar shades in my stash if I look closely. What do you guys think? I also got one Moon Matte lipstick to review, by the way. So see you soon.

Retails for Php 1,650 from Rustan’s Department Store.
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