Dior Diorific Illuminating Pressed Powder in #001 Splendor | Review

Dior Diorific Splendor Illuminating Pressed Powder2

My weakness when it comes to makeup is first and foremost, the packaging, followed by the product color, then lastly, the pan design. Limited edition products usually have, if not one or two, all. Which is the case for the Diorific Illuminating Pressed Powder from their holiday collection. Hook, line and sinker.


Dior Diorific Splendor Illuminating Pressed Powder3

Dior Diorific Illuminating Face Powder is extremely delicate pearly illuminating powder to enhance the skin’s texture with sheer coverage. Embossed with a sequin motif, inspired by the work of the Haute Couture ateliers, the powder highlights facial contours with a golden glow.

The Review:

Dior Diorific Splendor Illuminating Pressed Powder4

#001 Splendor is a warm gold with microglitters all laid in a sequin design. Its round compact, which undoubtedly wins the title of heaviest, is an elegant gold. It feels so fragile in my hands, making me all the more careful with it. Because you know, the heavier they are, the faster they fall and the bigger the impact is once it reaches the floor. I don’t want to imagine what would happen if this one will take a tumble off my hands.

The formula of the Illuminating Powder feels smooth, soft and fine. The microglitters never appear obvious nor do they emphasize my pores. On the skin, they look discrete providing just enough oomph! for a warm subtle glow. It’s not as intense as some of the Dior Illuminating Powders out there (I think) when it only has light to medium buildable pigmentation.

Dior Diorific Splendor Illuminating Pressed Powder swatch

If you’re a fan of Dior Illuminating Powders, you won’t be disappointed in Splendor. And you most definitely will enjoy this one if your only goal is to have it in your collection. If you’re makeup kryptonite is also limited edition packaging, then I will most defnitely recommend this highlighter to you. However, if you’re expecting some other-wordly, angelic glow visible from miles away, then you better look elsewhere.

I bought this from the SM Department Store Beauty Section in Makati around Php 4,000+. Are there any items you want from the Dior holiday collection? Or are there any you already bought? Share them with me below!
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