SK-II Pitera Essence Set | Review

SK-II Pitera Essence set

When I went to Japan last December of last year, one of my goals was to get the infamous SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. There are a lot of positive claims surrounding this skincare product that I just can’t ignore. After all I was in the land of the rising sun. Wouldn’t it be too bad if I was not able to buy a bottle of the essence from the country it was invented?


Discover a life-changing skincare regimen beginning with the signature Pitera rich Facial Treatment Essence, complemented by the clarifying Clear Lotion. It also includes the favorite Facial Mask for an unforgettably indulgent moisturizing experience. Used together, skin becomes significantly clearer, firmer, and more radiant.

The Review:

SK-II Pitera Essence Set

The SK-II Pitera Essence Set includes a stock size of their famous Facial Treatment Essence, travel sizes of the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, R.N.A. Cream, Facial Treatment Cleanser. If you’d like to try their Pitera Essence as well as their other products, then this set might be for you.

First stop is the Facial Treatment Essence. Honestly, I keep expecting everyday for something noticeable to happen to my skin, a glow or some kind of luminosity or perhaps a pore-minimizing effect. So far, there’s nothing. But I’ve gotten so used to applying it that I feel my skincare routine would be incomplete if I leave it out, with or without any visible benefit. I automatically reach for the bottle, pour a little amount on my palm, press my hands together to warm it so I can pat it gently on my face and neck after applying the toner. I even the put some on the back of my hands because I was told that it’s one of the areas of the skin, aside from the neck that is easily forgotten and overlooked when it comes to skincare.

Same goes for the Facial Treatment Clear Lotion and Cleanser. They’re both refreshing and mild but I haven’t noticed any kind of effect on my skin. I can’t say I’ll purchase a bigger bottle of these from my experience withe the samples.

However, the real star and winner of this set, in my opinion is the R.N.A. Cream. This didn’t last me for a quarter of a year but I am convinced enough to get the full 80g jar (just not now, I need to finish other creams first). During the first few days of using this at night, it left my skin feeling soft and hydrated the following morning. It gets absorbed into the skin wihtoout leaving any oily residue. There was also a noticeable “glow” in my skin, the one I hoped I’d acquire from the Facial Treatment Essence.

SK-II Pitera Essence Set3

The whole Pitera Essence Set costs for $99 online (excluding the R.N.A. Cream and Facial Treatment Cleanser). I bought this in Matsumoto Kiyoshi in Japan last December last year which could explain the disparity of the contents online and in stores. I remember seeing a price tag of around ¥6000 displayed on the shelves. Have you tried the Pitera Essence Set too? What are your thoughts about it?

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6 thoughts on “SK-II Pitera Essence Set | Review

  1. My dad went to Japan last year and I had him bring back a ton of products for me. I got a bunch of stuff in the SK-II line, the essence being one of them. I didn’t notice anything with it either. It was a bit of a let down for me. I did not get the RNA cream. That sounds wonderful and I’d love to try that! I got some BA Pola products and lots of other brands. All high end. Some of it I haven’t even opened yet. Still waiting for a miracle product!

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