Cargo Cosmetics Now In the Philippines!

Cargo Cosmetics Beauty Bar

Hey you guys! For some reason, I always find myself passing by Beauty Bar several times this week and I keep seeing a new sign from their window. Today, I finally went inside to see the new brand they’re carrying.

It’s Cargo Cosmetics!

The Journey

 In 1996, Cargo emerged onto the scene as a professional makeup line that is used by the industry’s top artists. The concept: simple, professional results that would be easy enough for all women to achieve.

From there, Cargo launched a multitude of award winning products, formulations and innovative packaging. It wasn’t long before Cargo became the one to watch and garnered worldwide recognition as one of the most creative and innovative brands on the beauty scene.

Today, Cargo continues to create products that are fresh, innovative and fun; all with a nod to the free spirit of the independent traveler. At Cargo, we truly believe that the journey is just as important as the destination. Therefore we will always strive to deliver “makeup to move you.”

Happy travels! (from Cargo Cosmetics)

Cargo Cosmetics Beauty Bar2

I didn’t know what product I wanted to examine and swatch first. In the end, the back of my hand had a mixture of powders, blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows. The blushes look really good by the way.

I was tempted to get their Swimmables Water Resistant Blush, Bronzer and even one of their primers at that exact moment but since I already made quite the damage to my wallet earlier that day, I decided to postpone the urge. There’s always next time.

Cargo Cosmetics Beauty Bar3

They also have some other eyeshadow palettes on  display but I forgot to take a photo of them. You’ll just have to head to the nearest Beauty Bar to see for yourself.

What can you recommend from Cargo Cosmetics?


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