Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink | Review

Milani Baked Powder Blush Dolce Pink

With all the highlighters and eyeshadow palettes I’ve given so much attention to the past few posts, I think I need to put it elsewhere. For today’s post, I will be reviewing one of Milani’s Baked Blushes.


Richly pigmented and highly buildable, the beautiful matte and shimmery shades of Baked Blush are the perfect cheeky pop of color for every skin tone. Sunbaked on Italian terracotta tiles, the warm finish adds a radiance that is the very essence of beauty. Shape, contour and highlight your best features.

The Review:

Milani Baked Powder Blush Dolce Pink2

Dolce Pink is described as a pink with gold shimmer. On my skin, it has some cool tones and has more shimmer than I expected it to have. More than enough that I can forego about putting any kind of highlighter on. For example, just recently a colleague asked what highlighter I had put on even though I wasn’t wearing any. Just this blush, actually. It’s funny how out of all the days that I decided not to add a highlighter to my makeup, someone notices the shimmery glow on my cheeks.

These Baked Blushes have a soft and smooth powder formula that’s easy to blend on the skin. Dolce Pink has more than a fair amount of pigmentation and lasts as long as 8 hours on me before I can see some fading but even then, it still has quite the color. The gold and silver shimmer is not so subtle nor is it too blatant. I haven’t noticed my pores looking emphasized or bigger than they already are which is usually the case with me and shimmery blushes.

Milani Baked Powder Blush Dolce Pink swatch

In general, Milani Baked Blushes are a gem among the drugstore makeup brands. You get a high quality product without shelling out too much money. I just prefer their shimmery shades more than their mattes. I do like Dolce Pink but probably not as much as my favorite shade which is Berry Amore. That one was just too beautiful!

Retails for $8.49 but bought locally thru Any Milani blushes you love in particular?


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