By Terry Sun Designer Palettes in Light and Tan Vibes | Review

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Light & Tan Vibes

The first time I wanted a By Terry Palette was when I saw their Smoky Nude Eye Designer Eyeshadow Palette. Before I could make up my mind — almost a month later, it had already sold out. Ever since then, I’ve regretted my second thinking and hesitation. So recently, when By Terry created a new batch of limited edition Designer Palettes, believe me I was all up for it.



By Terry Sun Designer Palette Light & Tan Vibes3

This exceptional palette creates an all-over radiant and sun-kissed look on both fair and tanned complexions. It features six elegant and sparkling shades playing the roles of bronzers, blushes and highlighters that enhance the skin’s appearance. Delicate, soft and airy textures in both matte and satin finishes allow to sculpt contours, brighten features, correct or intensify the complexion, all the while revealing the full splendor of the tan.

The Review:

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Light & Tan Vibes2

Light and Tan Vibes is one of the two Sun Designer Palettes that By Terry released for their summer collection this year. The other is Tan & Flash Cruise which combines three shades of bright and bold cheek colors with bronzers and highlighters. This cheek palette on the other hand, offers a more toned down look with its warm coral pinks, beiges, tans and browns in a range of mattes, shimmers and satins.

The compact, which is encased in a protective velvety pouch, is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The palette is divided into two pans but both of the powders have a soft texture. Even if they’re finely-milled, they don’t kick up a lot of product which I’ve only encountered a few times before in other products, or at least that’s what I remember. They’re damn easy to blend as well and they are so pigmented. I need only dip my brush lightly on top of the pans. The wear time is as impressive as the formula. Expect the best when it comes to By Terry because I get about 8 hours or so before they totally fade.

By Terry Sun Designer Palette Light & Tan Vibes swatches

Honestly, I can’t pick a favorite among all the shades. They are all amazing to work with. I just have a little issue with regards to the size of the individual colors. I would have preferred a larger pan so as to avoid mixing them up when picking up a single shade but other than that, I give it a TWO THUMBS UP!

This palette is definitely holy grail material if only it weren’t a limited edition product. That being said, I am seriously considering getting myself a bronzer and a blush from their permanent line. Well, maybe not too soon. They have a steep price after all. Which brings me to the price of this palette, $82 in the US or €72 over at the UK. By the way, I bought this via @designerdepotph.

Have you discovered the beauty of the Sun Designer Palette?


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