Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette | Review

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette

The moment I laid my eyes on this all-in-one face palette, I knew the chances of ignoring it were slim to none. Come on, it’s the truth. How can anyone turn a blind eye on a Charlotte Tilbury palette?


Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette3

The NEW! natural, glowing look in a palette enriched with, radiance-enhancing, colour-correcting magic ingredients. – it’s the look that suits every woman and enhances the colours that nature has naturally blessed you with. An all-in-one, beauty palette that EVERY WOMAN NEEDS in her beauty kit for DAY TO EVENING makeup! You don’t need to give me an hour to feel the full force of my makeup magic. Just give me 5 minutes and I can show you how to get an instant, naturally gorgeous look. I have been working on this look for years and use on clients for anything from runway to the big day. It is the perfect a chic, effortless look on-the-go.

Including 7 of my makeup secrets for a natural-looking You-but-Better:

1. Eye Brighten: A youthful brightening eye shadow in a colour correcting , brightening pale rose hue to prime the surface of the eyelid for an all-day application.

2. Eye Enhance: Adds a dreamy dimension to the eye lid in a natural glowing champagne shade that illuminates the eyelid.

3. Eye Smoke: For softly defined eyes in a universally flattering taupe shade, that can be built up to a very natural smokey eye.

4. Face Bronzer: To define the cheekbone hollows, jawline and nose shape in an all-natural, all skin tone bronze colour in my best-selling Filmstar Bronze & Glow formula.

5. Cheek Swish: For a healthy, happy glow in a tea rose hue to be applied on the apple of the cheek and blended out.

6. Cheek Pop: For a natural lit-from-within glow, an uplifting pretty pink to be applied to the apple of the cheeks.

7. Face Highlighter: Candlelight for the skin in a candlelit shade to be applied to the outer C-section of the cheekbones, down the nose, on the bow of the lips and inner corners of the eyes.

The Review:

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette2

The Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette comes in a burgundy compact with a full-sized mirror. There are 3 eyeshadows, 2 blushes, 1 bronzer and 1 highlighter, all of which are numbered according to the order of application. This makes it easier for any woman who lead extremely busy lives and who are always on the go to apply makeup to achieve a flawless glowing look.

So onto the review itself. The first thing that got to me are the powders being so soft and finely-milled that there’s always excess product kicked off. But at the same time, the soft formula is fairly easy to blend on the skin. The bronzer and highlighter is especially as divine as the name of the brand itself. Those two are my favorites to use among the pans. I find that I only need a small amount on the brush for those two as they have quite the pigmentation and can be built up. However, the pigment on the eyeshadows seems to be too light. I mean, for someone with my skintone, it doesn’t show up nor does it look noticeable. That’s saying something because I have a light skin color. For reference though, I’m somewhere between a MAC NC15 and NC 20. For the blushes, they’re pretty average in my opinion and again both hardly shows up on my skin when used individually. I do like the coral one better but I have to layer and mix it up with the other blush just to make it show. Then again, maybe that’s the whole point of it.

Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look in a Palette swatches

The Seductive Beauty Instant Look Palette release during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is more up my alley. Have you seen Temptalias’s review of it? The eyeshadows and blushes look more pigmented. It’s sold out though. I’m seriously hoping for a restock even if it’s not on sale anymore.

So to sum this up, if you’ve got a paler, fairer (or deeper?) skin tone, then this would be a great value and an excellent companion for travel. Just imagine being able to apply makeup on your face for only 5 minutes at most. But if you have the same skin color as me, you might be disappointed as well. And honestly, if the bronzer and highlighter were the only things that appealed to me, I think I would have been better of with the Filmstar Bronze & Glow Palette.

So tell me, what did you guys of this palette from Charlotte Tilbury?


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11 thoughts on “Charlotte Tilbury Instant Look In A Palette | Review

  1. Hmm just buy looking at them in the pan, I can tell you that these wouldn’t show up on me either. It’s a great concept though. The Seductive Beauty palette does look like it’d be more suited to me as well. Too bad it’s sold out!


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