Violet Voss Cosmetics Highlighter Palette | Review

Violet Voss Cosmetics Highlighting Powders

So yeah, this one’s another highlighter review. What’s new eh?

I had no second thoughts when I first saw that Violet Voss was going to come up with a highlighter palette. It was automatically a done deal for me. I was going to have it come hell or high water. Violet Voss set the bar so high up with their Holy Grail palette, I couldn’t resist and find out whether it’s going to be the same with their other products.


Looking for a beautiful compact palette that contains full sized pans? This beauty is perfect for all your glowing needs. Use one color or swirl them all together to create that ultimate glow.

  • Smooth and buttery
  • High glow finish
  • Limited edition

The Review:

Violet Voss Cosmetics Highlighting Powders2

Violet Voss’ Highlighting Powders comes in their typical black cardboard packaging with a decent sized mirror inside. There are 3 shades, namely, Moon Gleam, a pearly champagne, Star Glow, which is a shimmery gold and Unicorn Luster, a coppery pink. The palette amounts to a total of 12g/ 0.44 oz so there’s 4g each of the shade.

On the pan, one would think that there might be some possibility of a disco ball effect because it looks like some kind of packed glitter but I totally disagree. There’s no glitter at all and the shimmer is not intimidating at all. In fact, I quite enjoy the effect it gives me. The glow is quite buildable too so you can take this for a subtle ride on the tops of your cheekbones or if it pleases you all that much, pack it on and show the world just how much you love your highlighters. As for me, I’m a little bit in the middle.

The powders are soft and blends like a dream on the skin. There’s no fallout either. My favorite is a toss between Moon Gleam and Unicorn Luster. I can’t decide which one I want to wear if I take this palette out. Somedays I mix them both. And the effect is nothing short of gorgeous. Sighs.

Violet Voss Cosmetics Highlighting Powders swatches

Everyone should just grab a hold of this right now. Like, I am commanding my readers out there to get this especially if you’re a highlighter addict like moi. You won’t be disappointed. I’m giving this amazing highlighter palette a TWO THUMBS UP!

Retails for $25 from Violet Voss. Bought from Roxane.Ph for Php 1,900.

Got the palette? Share with me your thoughts!


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