Givenchy Le Rouge Couture Magnolia in Carmin Escarpin | Review

Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin

I would’ve normally ignored the Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin because of its orange tones. I’ve mentioned before how awkward orange shades look on my lips. Nevermind how they are supposed to look good on Asian skin, that rule has never applied to me.

But when Givenchy suddenly dresses it up in a limited edition magnolia, my ignorance just goes out the window.


Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin3

Givenchy dresses an iconic must-have: the Le Rouge lipstick. The leather has been imprinted with the iconic magnolia pattern seen on the runway.

Le Rouge Lipstick: A semi-matte, intensely pigmented lipstick dresses up lips in Givenchy’s iconic red, Carmin Escarpin, for a classic look.

The magnolia leather sheath can be saved and used with any of your favorite Le Rouge lipstick.

Fully express your addiction to fashion by showing off this collectible accessory.

The Review:

Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin2

Carmin Escarpin is described as a warm poppy red. But honestly it’s an orange-red with more orange than red. Such shame. I would have loved it more if it has more red tones or it looks more coral, and I wouldn’t ignore it altogether. It does look beautiful in the tube but on my lips, the orange just dominates.

Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin swatch

It’s a permanent shade for all of you who don’t know. But for this year’s spring, Givenchy offers a more gorgeous packaging. Who can resist their iconic magnolia print in leather anyway, right? I certainly couldn’t.

Quality-wise, I can’t deny the creamy and hydrating formula, and the medium pigmentation the Le Rouge lipsticks offer. They have never failed me from the moment I picked up my first Le Rouge in Hong Kong up to now with this current shade in hand. Their formula has always been one of my kryptonites. And it’s the reason I remain loyal and keep coming back for more whenever they make new shades.

Givenchy Le Rouge Carmin Escarpin lip swatch

Do you have Carmin Escarpin in your collection. Do you love it or is it also too orange for your taste? Let me know!

Bought via @sweets_16_ph.


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