Swatch Day Sunday Vol.14: Mars vs Wine N Dine

Mars vs Wine N Dine2

One of the reasons I bought the MannyMUA x Makeup Geek Palette and the Holy Grail Palette from Violet Voss is that they both have a red eyeshadows namely, Mars and Wine N Dine, respectively. I was seriously considering the Modern Renaissance from Anastasia Beverly Hills because it has two that I want to put up side by side with these.

But for now I’m just going to compare these two.

Swatch and Showdown:

Mars vs Wine N Dine

Mars is described as a deep cherry red with a matte finish while Wine N Dine is a dark berry-red with some wine undertones and a matte finish. As you can see from the swatches below, Wine N Dine looks warmer next to Mars. And while both are mattes, Mars looks drier and has a more patchy appearance in comparison. Here’s another observation, their color descriptions fit the other eyeshadow better. Really! C’mon, if not for the color description of Mars on the Makeup Geek website, I would’ve thought it looked more like a dark berry red while Wine N Dine takes the cherry red shade description.

From the start of owning both these palettes, I’ve been more partial to Wine N Dine actually. Quality-wise, it feels creamier and smoother. It’s more pigmented and it’s definitely easier to blend.

Mars vs Wine N Dine swatches

I haven’t reviewed the MannyMUA palette yet (soon, I promise). There’s only swatches if you’re interested but I have one for the Holy Grail palette. Come let me know what you think of them.

Which eyeshadow palette do you have? More importantly, which red eyeshadow do you love more?


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2 thoughts on “Swatch Day Sunday Vol.14: Mars vs Wine N Dine

  1. I can definitely see the texture is much smoother in the Violet Voss shadow than the MUG. I don’t own a lot of red shadows but one that stands out for me is a MUFE one from ages ago, it was called Scarlet. I think they offer something similar in their Artist Shadows.


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